CIP: 500501

Program Description

The dramatic arts affect the lives of nearly every human being on a daily basis. The expressive arts surround and infuse themselves in our lives. They teach citizens about the world and society in which they live. They entertain and bring joy and emotional connection. They motivate individuals to seek further understanding of the self and look critically at how the global community communicates. The dramatic arts are the platforms of truth and expression, and the dramatic industry is the medium that brings these works to the world.

The B.A. in Drama promotes the understanding and practice of the entirety of the dramatic arts. It provides students the opportunity to learn all the facets of dramatic production. Through interdisciplinary educational approaches, the B.A. in Drama provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace.

The B.A. in Drama major is intended for students who are interested in positions within the dramatic arts, whether in performance, creation, or production.

3-year plan

4-year plan