CIP: 430103

Program description

The criminal justice degree is an interdisciplinary degree that introduces students to the study of agencies, personnel, philosophies, procedures and methods that comprise the criminal justice system in the United States. The criminal justice program is designed to expose students to various aspects of existing law enforcement systems, judicial systems and correctional systems within an ethical and constitutional context. It provides a curriculum that focuses on interpreting norms, mores, laws and rules that govern behavior in a civil society and helps students develop a general understanding of a systems process within criminal justice. The program introduces students to diverse crime and causation theories and emphasizes the critical examination and evaluation of the ethical implications of various societal issues.

Through the criminal justice program, students examine the agencies and processes involved in criminal justice administration; explain the Bill of Rights and its impact on criminal defendants; the nature, extent, etiology and control of law-breaking behavior; and compare and contrast the law enforcement systems of countries throughout the world. Students learn to describe the structure and process of the American judicial system from a local, state and federal perspective; explain how gender affects women as offenders, victims and professionals in the criminal justice system; and analyze diverse ethical issues encountered in the criminal justice profession. Graduates of the criminal justice program are able to apply ethical values in a diverse, complex and interconnected society and leave Lynn University with the knowledge, confidence, competencies and ethical consciousness to assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

3-year plan

4-year plan