CIP: 490105

The Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics is a world-class aviation academy with a state-of-the-art training facility designed to help fulfill the educational needs of the vast, dynamic, global aviation profession. The college offers a variety of programs designed to provide students with the education and training needed to successfully enter the aviation profession. The aviation operations major provides a wide range of educational and experiential opportunities for students to advance into a career in any aviation operational field. In addition to the aviation operations courses, students can also pursue flight training elective courses to attain the licenses and ratings required to enter the industry as a professional pilot.

  • BUS 322 also meets DQR 300 & DSL 300 requirements
  • BUS 350 also meets DSSA 300 requirement
  • BUS 372 also meets JCA 300 requirement
  • BUS 425 also meets DQR 400 & DSL 400 requirements
  • AVS 431 also meets DJCG 400 requirement
Electives 17 credits
Elective 17

Must include one upper level elective.

Total 120 credits

3-year plan

4-year plan