CIP: 520201

Program description

Each Business Administration major incorporates all degree requirements including core curriculum requirements, requirements for the Business Administration major, aviation management, hospitality management and a minor in another academic discipline and/or course work customized to personal preference. The Business Administration major requirements aim to provide breadth of knowledge in the discipline of business and its context, as well as learning activities that promote the integration of business knowledge.

Core curriculum 33 credits
CMS 200 Computer Applications 3
DJC 301 Critical Thinking and Writing 3
DQR 401 Personal Finance/Statistical Analysis 3
DSL 301 Contemporary Issues in Science 3
DSS 301 Presentational Communication & Technology 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
IRPS OR HIS International Relations or History Elective 3
HUM Elective Humanities Elective 3
HUM 420 Ethical Decision Making 3
PSY/SOC/CRJ Elective Behavioral or Social Science Elective 3
College Level Math 3
Upper Level Elective 3 credits
Upper Level Elective 3
Free electives 33 credits
Elective 33
Total 120 credits