Program description

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology is designed to expose students to the bio-psychological, developmental, cognitive and
sociocultural domains of psychology, as well as research methodology. The student also comes to understand the relevance of psychology in
contemporary society. This major prepares a student for employment in human services or for graduate school in counseling or psychology.

Core curriculum 33 credits
CMS 200 Computer Applications 3
DJC 301 Critical Thinking and Writing 3
DQR 401 Personal Finance/Statistical Analysis 3
DSL 301 Contemporary Issues in Science 3
DSS 301 Presentational Communication & Technology 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
IRPS OR HIS International Relations or History Elective 3
HUM Elective Humanities Elective 3
HUM 420 Ethical Decision Making 3
PSY/SOC/CRJ Elective Behavioral or Social Science Elective 3
College Level Math 3
Upper level electives 300 + 6 credits
Upper Level Elective 6
Free electives 39 credits
Elective 39
Total 120 credits