This is a two-year program of study at the post-baccalaureate level for students of piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet,

bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba, harp or percussion. Students will hone their technical skills, expand their repertoire,

acquire performance experience and develop the ability to communicate an artistic vision. Each student will have the opportunity to bring his/her

talent to fruition through extensive performance experiences and through expanded theoretical and historical knowledge. Academic and practical

training will provide comprehension, application and synthesis of knowledge.

The Master of Music degree in Performance is designed to prepare each candidate for a variety of music and music-related professions. Its purpose is to train the graduate student and to provide this student with the tools needed to attain professional competence and specialization in the area of performance.

M.M. Degree in Performance Completion Requirements

1. Complete the degree in four calendar years from the date on a student’s initial registration or be held to any new degree requirements.

2. Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

3. Complete GSR 501, Graduate Orientation Seminar (one credit).

4. Complete 36 credits of music courses, including four semesters of applied music study (16 credits, 20 credits for pianists), four academic music

courses (12 credits), four semesters of Performance Forum (0 credit), various performance requirements (a full recital, a concerto performance,

a chamber work performance – each 0 credit), participate in two January terms (0 credit) and pass a comprehensive exam (0 credit) given near

the conclusion of degree study. String, wind, brass, harp & percussion students are required to complete four semesters of large ensemble (4

credits), four semesters of small ensemble (4 credits) and perform a mock audition (0 credit). Piano students are required to complete four

semesters of small ensemble (4 credits) and perform a sight reading jury for pianists (0 credit).

5. Pass proficiency exams in music history and music theory.