Digital Portfolio

Following successful completion of 18 credits in the Digital Media, Design Strategies for Web Development and Web Design Technology

specializations, students are required to submit two copies of a digital portfolio composed of course assignments in COM, CGD, GVC and WD courses

for review by a committee of three members of the college faculty. The Digital Portfolio is not required for students in the Media Studies and Practice


Creative Project/Thesis

The creative project is an option available to candidates in the Media Studies and Practice specialization: it provides the opportunity to demonstrate the

acquisition, mastery and integration of appropriate knowledge and skills in the field. Students electing this option are expected to select a creative project that

fits professional and career objectives. The creative project is not an option for students in the Digital Media, Design Strategies for Web Development or Web

Design Technology specializations.

The thesis is an original work conducted with scholarly rigor. The work must demonstrate the mastery of research skills and be theoretically significant.

Students who wish to pursue doctoral studies are encouraged to choose the thesis option.

Grading of the Optional Creative Project/Thesis

If the optional project or thesis is selected, it must be completed within one year of the date of the accepted proposal. The creative project/thesis culminates

in a public presentation and an oral defense. The optional creative project/thesis is graded on a pass/fail basis. In the event of a failing grade, students may

resubmit their work within 90 days of the decision.

Students who select the optional creative project or thesis are required to enroll in COM 595 for 3 credits in the term following successful completion of

COM 590. Students who fail to successfully complete COM 595 – CREATIVE PROJECT/THESIS SEMINAR II in the term following completion of COM 590 –

CREATIVE PROJECT/THESIS SEMINAR I must reenroll in COM 595 for one credit in consecutive terms.

Completion of the Creative Project/Thesis

Upon successful completion of the optional creative project/thesis, students must submit two copies, one for the university library and one for the College

of Communication and Design.