CIP: 520201

Aviation Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: Among the College of Business Management’s specialization options is the Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics—a world-class aviation academy with a state-of-the-art training facility. Designed to help fulfill the educational needs of the vast dynamic global air transportation industry, the College of Aeronautics provides students with the education and training needed to successfully enter the aviation industry. Each of the Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics’ tracks—including aircrew training, ground personnel and air industry management—provides a wide range of educational opportunities for Lynn students to obtain a prosperous career in the aeronautics industry. In addition to the Aviation Management specialization courses, students can also pursue flight training elective courses to attain the licenses and ratings required to enter the industry as a professional pilot.

Entrepreneurial Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The objective of the Entrepreneurial Management Specialization of the Master of Business Administration Program at Lynn University is to advance the entrepreneurial mindset and innovative abilities of graduate students. The specialization provides students with knowledge, skills and competencies to turn their innovative and creative ideas into successful business ventures.

Financial Valuation and Investment Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: This specialization is financially-oriented and will provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in financial management positions in a variety of industries. As industry consolidations become increasingly commonplace, entrepreneurial and corporate business managers require stronger skills in financial valuation, portfolio management, investment analysis, and creating and executing development strategies.

Healthcare Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Healthcare Management Specialization of the MBA Program provides students with the understanding of the healthcare industry-specific issues and challenges, expanding their knowledge and enhancing the skills for transition to leadership and managerial roles in the healthcare industry. The traditional business administration courses in leadership, accounting, finance, marketing, operations and strategy, complement the specialialization courses in healthcare preparing students for administrative, supervisory roles in managing hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and other health facilities.

Hospitality Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Hospitality Management Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program provides students with the fundamentals of foodservice systems and operations with an emphasis on controls and the financial management of efficient foodservice operations. In addition, it explores the principles of resort management with particular reference to the social, economic and environmental issues involved in resort development and management. Moreover, it explores an integrated approach to the marketing, operational and human aspects of managing a service-based hospitality business.

Human Resource Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Human Resource Management Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program provides students with technical, legal, professional and administration knowledge and skills in human resource management. It covers functions, processes, politics and issues of managing human resources in modern organizations. Functional areas and issues include HR planning, forecasting, recruitment and examination, selection, evaluation, compensation, termination, negotiation and collective bargaining. Emphases are on strategic and operational human capital development, management, and productivity.

International Business Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The International Business Management Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program provides students with theoretical, environmental, professional and managerial knowledge and skills in global enterprise management. It covers theories and applications in international trade, investment, finance, and management. Topics include environmental scanning, risk - reward analysis for decision making, entry mode, alliance, organizational structures, production operations, human resource and marketing management, finance and exchange rates, ethics, and economic and environmental sustainability in an international setting. Emphases are on preparing effective leaders for management and operation of competitive global enterprises.


SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Marketing Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program offers students contemporary knowledge and practices in the marketing field. It covers the strategic, scientific, and analytic aspects of modern marketing, and its dynamic functions and processes. Functional areas and issues include industry and market analyses, strategic marketing management, digital communications, and consumer behavioral sciences. Emphases are on strategic and operational marketing development, management, and productivity.

Media Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Master of Business Administration in Media Management is an advanced degree designed for media professionals and recent baccalaureate graduates who would like careers as media scholars and/or practitioners. The program is a synergistic blend of business and communications. More specifically, the program is comprised of a strong business and management foundation that emphasizes the management and application of technology and new media delivery systems in the evolving mass media environment. * To assess students’ learning outcomes in the Media Management Specialization, students must create a 10-minute multimedia presentation providing a detailed analysis of a media technology within a communication area. Students will upload their multimedia presentation to the online MBA-Multimedia Course to be evaluated by a committee consisting of two faculty members of the College of Communication and Design and one faculty member of College of Business and Management.

Social Innovation Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Social Innovation Management Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program equips students with the knowledge, insights and skills to drive positive social changes. Students will be able to obtain intensive global experience in cross-boundary work including designing innovative solutions for social problems, participate in a customized apprenticeship in an organization and extending global networking of social entrepreneurs.

Sports Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Sports Management specialization of Lynn University's MBA program prepares students for the business of sports. Particular attention is given to league governance, sports agency, sports operations and risk calculation, and intercollegiate athletics management. With a continued, steadfast dedication to experiential learning, Lynn sports management faculty have directed students on projects with the biggest events in sports, including the Super Bowl, the X Games and the NCAA Final Four.

Web Development Management

SPECIALIZATION DESCRIPTION: The Web Development Specialization of Lynn University’s MBA program provides students with the fundamentals of web development and a deep understanding of tech startups. The program is a development bootcamp that immerses students in a demanding learning environment designed to develop successful coders with business acumen.