Instiute of Achievment and Learning

The Institute for Achievement and Learning provides innovative academic support services that creatively link all aspects of Lynn University with academic achievement to become independent learners. To ensure positive opportunities that embrace, engage and empower students, the Institute offers diagnostic information and assessments, and a menu of comprehensive, and diverse support services. The Institute also provides professional development and training with opportunities for educational research that extend from faculty workshops to seminars designed to include the greater community. The purpose of the Institute is to promote the idea of label-free learning, encouraging academic excellence both in and out of the classroom and celebrating the uniqueness of every mind and potential of every student. The Institute is the coordinating body for existing and new campus academic support services and the primary source for student support outside of classroom instruction. All students have access to the Institute, which includes the following resources and programs:

  • The Diagnostic Center for Educational Assessment: The Institute’s diagnostic branch exists to further define student strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations for students are made in the form of compensatory strategies, i.e., building on students’ strengths not remediating weaknesses. Services are open to all Lynn University students.
  • Lynn University Institute for Achievement and Learning Tutoring Program: The program is designed to assist all Lynn University students with course work by offering individual and content-area tutoring and use of the Institute staffed writing center. All tutors and writing center staff hold advanced degrees, including many who have terminal degrees in their respective fields.
  • The Institute for Achievement and Learning full service program is a fee-based program that requires students to submit psycho-educational done within the past three years and may be submitted with the students’ application or under separate cover. The program services include coaching, tutoring, and registration into Institute Fellows courses. These services are staffed by experts in the field of working with students with learning challenges.
  • ADA Office: Available to students who qualify for special accommodations for learning and testing.


The Institute’s services offer students an extraordinary opportunity to achieve at the college level. Programs provide motivated students with learning challenges support services to assist in their academic journey at the post-secondary level while fostering academic independence.

Students enrolled in the comprehensive Program of the Institute are provided with academic coaching, a separate testing area, specialized Dialogue courses with a low pupil-to-teacher ratio taught by Faculty Institute Fellows and tutorials in most subject areas.

Institute Fellow courses are taught by professors who have been trained in learning style differences, classroom management techniques and assessment strategies, in addition to having expertise in their academic field. Institute Fellows certification demonstrates that the faculty member has achieved competency in understanding Institute for Achievement and Learning pedagogy, utilization of motivational strategies in the classroom, implementation of metacognitive strategies, use of multiple approaches for assessing student learning, and the utilization of classroom technology.

The Wayser Family Tutoring Center is located in the Institute for Achievement and Learning. Tutoring sessions are scheduled through the Tutoring Center coordinator. The center offers individual tutoring. Tutoring sessions are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. In the event that a student cannot attend a scheduled appointment, he or she must notify the Lynn tutoring staff within 24 hours or be charged the normal fee. The meetings between the center staff and students are face-to-face, and tutoring is provided for most Lynn University courses. The Institute supports writing across the curriculum, serving both day and evening students. The Tutoring Center is open five days a week as is the accompanying Writing Center. All tutors hold advanced degrees, including many who have terminal degrees in their respective fields.

The Testing Center is located in the Institute for Achievement and Learning. Testing Center hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Institute uses a diagnostic coaching model to address behavioral issues specific to college students with ADHD or executive functioning deficits. Organizational skills, prioritizing of assignments and daily activities, strategies for procrastination issues, time management skills, coping with impulsivity, strategies to aid with focus and attention in and out of the classroom, and study skills are some of the topics covered during coaching. All coaches hold advanced degrees, and all are certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The Diagnostic Center for Educational Assessment offers intelligence and achievement assessments for enrolled students who may be struggling academically. Students receive psychoeducational testing, face-to-face meetings to discuss academic strengths and areas for improvement, recommendations for increasing academic skills, and follow up meetings to ensure an understanding of the assessments and recommendations. A licensed psychologist administers these assessments.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations

In accordance with the university’s mission as well as applicable federal and state laws, Lynn University is committed to providing equal access and participation educational opportunities for all, qualified students with documented disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Procedures for Obtaining Accommodations: Eligible students who are seeking ADA accommodations must register with the ADA Coordinator by providing appropriate documentation including, but not limited to, psychological educational evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, or medical documentation by a treating physician. Please note that additional documentation may be requested at the student’s expense.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide appropriate documentation and to self-disclose. Accommodations are granted on a case-by-case basis and can be sought at any point throughout the academic year, but must be renewed each term accommodations are desired. However, it is encouraged to disclose early in order to best accommodate the student.