A. For a student to be eligible to receive an incomplete for a course:

  1. The student must provide to the dean of students documentation of the extenuating circumstance(s) that prevent him/her from satisfying the course requirements and learning outcomes of that particular course.
  2. The student, at the time of applying for an incomplete, must have completed two-thirds of the term and have a passing grade.

B. The application process:

  1. The student will have the option of applying for an incomplete in one or more courses.
  2. The student will obtain and complete the incomplete application form and bring it to the dean of students with appropriate documentation. The dean of students will verify that the student’s application satisfies the eligibility criteria. If the application satisfies the eligibility criteria then the dean of students will return the approved form to the student who will then take the form to the professor of the course. The professor and student will draw out a contract, which includes but is not limited to: all course work to be completed and the deadline for this material to be submitted. After the student agrees to the terms of the contract and signs the form, the professor will take the contract to the dean of his/her college. The dean will then review the contract and sign the form upon approval. The “I” is now official and the contract is binding. The dean of the college will distribute copies of the contract to the professor, the student, the dean of students and the Registrar. Each recipient will place the copied contract in the appropriate file. The professor will keep one copy and the original will be placed in the student’s file in the college of his/her major.

C. The form:

  1. Will be available online.
  2. Will contain current grade, what specific assignments are to be completed due date for all material (not to exceed one year beyond the original term final grade due date), and state that the final course grade will be a “W” if the student does not complete the requirements.

Note: As of fall 2006 students are limited to eight undergraduate and three graduate course withdrawals.