Priority 1: Engage with our constituents to further foster our culture of pride, loyalty and support.

  • Create and implement models to support students and improve retention and graduation rates.
  • Personalize student services with improved processes, training and tools.
  • Develop virtual and physical service hubs to provide resources for students, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Appoint champions for each academic program and student service department who will foster connections among faculty, staff, students and alumni.
  • Measure and celebrate employee performance based on high-quality service.
  • Evaluate and enhance the residential experience to promote personal and community connections.
  • Enhance campus event experiences to create opportunities for traditions and school spirit.
  • Better support the transition from student to alumni.
  • Mobilize alumni to participate in activities that support our mission.
  • Cultivate relationships with donors and engage community members to invest their time and talents in Lynn.
  • Retain our small-college atmosphere with a maximum full-time enrollment of 3,000 on our main campus.
  • Launch a new brand campaign to increase awareness and rally students, employees, alumni, parents and donors to become ambassadors who support our strategic priorities.