Priority 2: Elevate the Lynn experience, building on our strong foundations to continually improve and adapt.

  • Identify and cultivate the next generation of academic leaders and difference makers throughout the university.
  • Create and deliver new academic models and formats.
  • Review and update the Dialogues core curriculum and other academic programs.
  • Add a global component to graduate curriculum.
  • Develop and promote signature programs across the university.
  • Promote programs for high-achieving students.
  • Identify and report student achievement metrics and outcomes.
  • Review and update the campus master plan, including wayfinding and parking solutions.
  • Develop long-term student housing strategy and enhance residential facilities.
  • Complete the athletics master plan.
  • Improve campus facilities through timely renovations.
  • Evaluate and implement cost-effective program, tuition and financial aid models.
  • Identify cost savings and make investments to accomplish key objectives.
  • Increase graduation rates to align with industry benchmarks.
  • Identify consistent key performance indicators to track progress on university objectives.