Mission and strategy

Lynn's mission is to provide an innovative, global and personalized education that enables students to realize their potential.

Students supporting the Lynn 2025 event

We will engage with our constituents to further foster our culture of pride, loyalty and support.

Student taking a selfie in font of the main building with every countries flag.

We will elevate the Lynn experience, building on our strong foundations to continually improve and adapt.

Students supporting the Lynn 2025 initiative.

We will expand our programs, services, opportunities and capabilities.

"Lynn University is defiantly optimistic about the future, and we've always been that way. We believe that we have a better future ahead of us, but it’s not just going to land in our laps. It is our job to create it."
Kevin M. Ross, president
Lynn 2020 staff
A foundation for success

When we embarked on Lynn 2020, our vision was to be recognized as one of the most “innovative, international and individualized” small universities in the country.

Since then, we’ve:

  • Revolutionized teaching and learning with the nationally recognized Dialogues core curriculum
  • Transformed the campus with enhanced technology and nearly 200,000 square feet of new facilities
  • Created new learning pathways, including accelerated degree programs and academic partnerships
  • Won six Fighting Knights national championships with an unwavering focus on spirit, service and strength
  • Helped students become successful global citizens with expanded study abroad, service learning, internship and career opportunities. Nine times more students today participate in long-term versus short-term study abroad than five years ago.
  • Enhanced the Lynn experience with 24/7 campus dining, peer mentor and leadership development programs, and a new student orientation called Lynn Launch
  • Added 27 new undergraduate majors and 11 new graduate majors
  • Increased graduate enrollment by 55 percent
  • Improved student retention by 7 percent and graduation rates by 10 percent
  • Acquired Digital Media Arts College, adding new majors in animation, design and media
  • Raised over $100 million in capital and scholarships to invest in Lynn’s future

Hosting a U.S. presidential debate and iPad-powered learning weren’t in the plan, but we did those, too. Lynn brought the 2012 presidential debate on foreign policy to our internationally diverse community. It generated more than $13 million in positive economic impact and $63.7 million in earned media for our region. The technology infrastructure enhancements for the debate also enabled us to become one of the first schools in the nation to implement tablet-based learning. It was a bold move that put a transformational learning device into the hands of every student, improving engagement and saving up to 90 percent on the cost of textbooks.

“Lynn has an enormous opportunity because it is better adapted than any place I could easily imagine to pioneer a new paradigm for education in the United States and around the world. This is the only place I know where everyone is truly someone.” 

James W. Guthrie, presidential fellow and professor in the Ross College of Education