Online Payments Service FAQs

What is electronic billing and payment?

Electronic billing (e-billing) and payment (e-payment) are offered as convenient, secure online services to you as a university student. All currently enrolled students are sent an e-mail notice at their Lynn University e-mail address when their student account billing statements are available online on Printed bills are no longer mailed. Electronic payment, while a convenient option, is only one of several payment methods. All charges to your University student account, including tuition, fees, housing and miscellaneous charges, are listed in an online statement that can be viewed by logging into with your Lynn University student ID number.

What are the benefits or advantages of online billing and payment?

  • Real-time online access to your account all the time
  • Simple: easy-to-read online statements.
  • Private and secure: Payments are certified by VeriSign, the nation's largest online payment verification provider.
  • Available world-wide via the Internet.
  • Easy access to others who may pay your bill: parents or other authorized payers can make payments via debit or credit accounts.
  • Billing statements can be e-mailed to parents or others as an e-mail attachment.
  • Saves time: no more waiting for the bill in the mail or waiting in line to make a payment, no need to write a check, use an envelope, or buy postage stamps.
  • Handy records: No more worries about losing copies of your bill, since you can always access and print it
  • History: You can see your billing and payment history anytime.

Why does Lynn use electronic billing as the official billing method?

Many processes at the university are now "paperless" or electronic, including applying for admissions, applying for and accepting financial aid, and processing student refunds via direct deposit to your bank account. Most students are comfortable with online transactions and appreciate its flexibility and convenience. Many colleges and universities around the country have adopted electronic billing as their primary billing method for its ease of use and time-saving ability.

Do I have to be on e-billing? Are there exceptions to e-billing? Can I get a paper bill instead of (or in addition to) the e-bill?

You may request an exemption for certain reasons, such as disability, by completing the Electronic Billing Exemption Appeal form. We will determine whether your reason warrants producing paper bills either temporarily or permanently.

For a paper copy of your bill, you may download and print a copy of your online statement. You can also forward copies of your bills to parents or other payers. You may retrieve your e-bills for up to the previous 12 months, if you want to view or print them
out. Copies of your bill may also be requested at Student Financial Services in the Green Center.

I don't have a bank account or credit card (or I don't feel comfortable paying my bill online). How do I pay my bill?

Paying the bill online is optional. You can pay your bill by printing a copy of the bill from site and sending it in with a check, money order, traveler's check, or cashier's check addressed to:

Lynn University
Student Financial Services
3601 N. Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33431

You can also print out and pay your bill in person at the Student Administrative Services office in the Green Center.

Do you accept payments from non-United States bank accounts or credit card companies?

Yes, payment can be charged to a credit card. There will be a 4.25% convenience fee for paying by international credit card. Payment can also be made by foreign currency using the ebill payment for those countries currencies that are on the approved list.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, but only online. Lynn will not accept credit card payments through the mail, in person, or over the phone. You or your authorized payer may pay with a MasterCard, Visa, DISCOVER, or American Express credit card. You will be required to pay a separate, non-refundable convenience fee—2.75 % (for domestic credit cards) or 4.25% (for international credit cards) of the payment amount—at the time of each credit card payment. The non-refundable convenience fee, assessed by our vendor, CashNet, will appear as a separate line item on your (or the payer's) credit card statement.

Can I pay with a debit card?

Yes. You can pay with a MasterCard,Visa, Diners Club, DISCOVER, or American Express debit card. You will be required to pay a separate, nonrefundable convenience fee of 2.75% (for domestic card)  or 4.25% (for international card) of the payment amount at the time of each debit card payment. You can avoid the debit card convenience fee by using the e-check option to make a payment. The e-check payment option will prompt you to enter your bank routing and account number (available from your banking institution or your monthly bank statement).

Why is Lynn assessing a convenience fee to pay by credit card?

Lynn is not accepting credit card payments directly. Credit cards are being accepted by an outside vendor contracted by the university that is charging a fee for its service. The rate based on the payment amount for each transaction was determined by our vendor. While credit card payments offer convenience, there is a substantial cost to Lynn to offer these services. Therefore, Lynn decided to ask those who use this convenience to cover its cost. Lynn University does not receive any part of the convenience fee.

Is the convenience fee refundable?

The convenience fee is non-refundable. Any convenience fee disputes must be taken directly to your credit card company.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can charge on my credit card?

You and/or your payer can make a credit card or e-check payment for a minimum of $1 or up to your credit card limit.

What if I make a credit card payment for more than I owe on my student account?

If you wish to have it refunded to you, Lynn is required to refund any overpayments made by credit card back to the credit card company. The convenience fee will not be refunded for the portion overpaid. Convenience fee disputes must be taken directly to your credit card company.

Can I pay with a credit card in person or over the phone?

No. Credit card payments can only be made online at You can use any computer lab on campus on a walk-in basis for online bill payment. Credit card payments are not accepted in person or over the phone because credit card rules would have required Lynn to add the convenience fee to all payment types. Lynn University’s Student Financial Services office would have been forced to add the convenience fee to check and cash transactions. There will be a computer available at SFS that you can use to make a credit card payment.

What happens if I make a mistake when I enter my credit card information online?

If a credit card number or other personal information is entered that is inconsistent with your credit card account, the payment will be rejected immediately. If the payment is rejected, you will be told that your transaction is denied. You will be able to view all past rejected payments in your transaction history.

How will I know if my payment is approved?

Credit card payments will be instantly approved and an online receipt issued to you.

I received a refund for tuition and fees. How will I get it if I paid with a credit card?

Refunds for tuition and fees initially paid by credit card will be refunded to the credit card company used. However, the convenience fee will not be refunded.

Why can't I see the convenience fee on my student account? 

The convenience fee is assessed by our vendor, CashNet, not Lynn University, so it will not appear on your University student account. However, you and your authorized payer will be able to see the convenience fee in your transaction history. The convenience fee will also appear as a separate charge on your (or your payer’s) credit card statement.

How can I stop an online payment if I made a mistake?

If you make a payment online by mistake, please contact Student Financial Services at 561-237-7187 before 4 p.m. on the day of the transaction. If the mistake is made by credit card, the convenience fee cannot be refunded.

Can I use a credit card check or investment account to pay online?

No. Credit card check accounts or investment account checks, commonly called credit card convenience checks or advance checks, cannot be used for electronic payment.

Does Lynn charge for online billing or payment?

No, Lynn offers online billing and payment as an economical convenience, free of charge. However, if you choose to make a payment by credit card, you will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee on the payment amount by our credit card vendor, CashNet. All costs for choosing to pay with a credit card must be assumed by you or your authorized payer. Lynn University does not receive, nor will it underwrite, any portion of the non-refundable convenience fee.

When will my payments post to my account?

Payments submitted by 4 p.m. are processed the same day.

How do I log in?

On each bill date you will be sent a notice in your Lynn student e-mail account when your billing statement is available online. Bill dates are available online, but generally, statements are produced monthly. You can log into eBill through myLynn, by clicking on the eBill located on the Personal tab and under the Student Financial Inform channel. To keep all of your university information confidential, don't share your passwords with anyone. After you log in, you can view your e-bill statement; print a copy of t he billing statement; forward the bill to someone as an e-mail attachment; sign up authorized users; set up and store your bank account information; and make an online payment. Be sure to log out or close your browser when finished using your account to pay your bill.

IMPORTANT: Check your university e-mail account year-round for all official university communications.

How can my parents pay my bill?

You can authorize your parent(s) or other payers to make payments to your student account on your behalf. To begin the process, follow the directions at the "Login for parents/authorized payers" at .

How do parents or other authorized payers log in?

The student must first set up a parent or other authorized payer as an authorized payer in the CashNet system. He or she will first create a log-in name and password to authorize the parent or other authorized payer’s access to e-billing. After the parent/authorized payer logs in, he or she can change his/her password; set up and store his/her own profile and account information; review the bill; view any past bills; make a payment; or view any past payments he or she has made on the student's behalf.

How do I make payments if I am not the student?

Students may create a Authorized User to allow parents, guardians and other authorized payers to access their account information.
An Authorized User must be created by the student before it can be used. The student can follow these steps to create a Authorized User:

  1. Log into the account.
  2. Go to the Your Account page by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  3. Locate the box labeled Authorized User.
  4. Click the Add New link in that box.
  5. Enter the Login Name you wish to assign to the parent or authorized payer.
  6. Enter that person’s email address.
  7. Enter the Password you wish to assign to that person.
  8. Answer any remaining questions on that page.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Provide the parent or authorized payer with the Login and Password that you have
  11. created for them.

Once the student has followed the steps above to setup a Authorized User, the parent or authorized payer will be able to login. To login, enter the Authorized User Login and Password provided by the student. If you do not know the Authorized User Login or Password, values your student can provide them or reset them for you.

My student gave me a log-in name and password, and it does not work.

When the student created your Authorized User account you should have received an email with a login name and a temporary password. You must use that log in and password. If you did not receive an email please notify the student to reset your password.

I'm a parent. How can I get a copy of my child's bill?

Your student has several options for providing a copy of his/her bill to third parties, including parents or spouses. Your student can:

  • Set you up as an authorized payer with access to view their bills at anytime.
  • Arrange for a copy of the bill to be automatically e-mailed to you.
  • Forward the billing statement as an attachment to his/her university e-mail account.
  • As an authorized payer, you may choose to pay the balance due in the student's
  • University account with a MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club DISCOVER, or American
  • If you choose the credit card option, you will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee by our vendor of 2.75 percent for domestic cards or 4.25 percent for international cards based on the payment amount. Lynn will not accept credit card payments through the mail, in person, or over the phone. The convenience fee is non-refundable.
  • You can also print a copy of the bill and mail a payment (check, money order, traveler's check or cashier's check made payable to Lynn University to:
    Student Financial Services
    3601 N. Military Trail
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    Please note your student’s account number on the check.

I paid my student's bill, but I cannot see the payment on the payment history page.

The Recent Payments screen shows all payments that you have made thru the eBilling system. To access the Recent Payment page:

  1. Go to the Your Account page by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  2. Locate the box titled Your Recent Payments. This will show the three most recent payments on your account.
  3. You can also click the View All link in that box to see the details of the payments made on your account.
  4. Click the View Button next to any payment to see the details of the payment including what you paid for and what form of payment you used. There will also be buttons on that screen to allow you get to get a printable receipt or to email a copy of the receipt to yourself or anyone you designate.

 Who should I call if I find a mistake on my billing statement?

You must report a dispute or discrepancy on your bill to 561-237-7191 or send an e-mail reporting the problem to immediately. A specialist may refer you to the department that placed the fee to resolve the dispute. You must pay all other charges on your bill by the due date.

I haven’t received my billing statement. What should I do?

All currently enrolled students will receive their bills electronically. An e-mail notification that your student account bill is ready to be viewed will be sent to your Lynn student e-mail account monthly. If you do not receive your electronic bill notification, please contact or 561-237-7191. If you have been exempted from electronic billing, you will receive paper bills. Paper billing statements are mailed to your addresses identified in this order:

  1. The billing address is for paper bill mailing only.
  2. If no billing address is identified, the paper bill is sent to the home (permanent) address.

You are responsible for reporting address changes or corrections to Lynn. Enter
your new address information online on or completing a change
of address at the registrar’s office. Allow approximately one week from the
billing date for your paper billing statements to reach you by mail. Due dates will not be
extended because of lost or delayed mail. For this reason we urge you to check your account
online regularly.

Do I have to pay the whole bill in one payment?

You may pay by installments during fall and spring semesters unless your financial aid pays your bill in full. A $35 per semester installment fee is charged to your Installment Payment Plan account for paying by the installment plan. Your first installment payment must be received by the due date in order to be eligible for the installment payment plan. Due Dates are as follows:

Undergraduate - Fall term: Aug. 1
Undergraduate - Spring term: Dec. 1
Undergraduate - Summer term: May 1
iLynn/Graduate - Fall I term: Aug. 29
iLynn/Graduate - Fall II term: Oct. 24
iLynn/Graduate - Spring I term: Jan. 2
iLynn/Graduate - Spring II term: March 6
iLynn/Graduate - Summer I term: May 1
iLynn/Graduate - Summer II term: June 26

All study abroad program payments are due by May 1 (for fall) or October 1 (for spring). You may enroll in the Installment Payment Plan on myLynn under Student Finances.

What can I do if I can’t pay my bill by the due date?

If you do not pay a bill on time, you may be assessed additional charges, such as late payment fees, but your classes will not be canceled. You will need to drop your courses before the term starts. A financial hold will be added to your student account, which will prohibit you from registering for future classes and getting transcripts or diplomas. You may make partial payments at any time. If you still owe at the end of the term, contact Student Financial Services about setting up a payment plan.

How do I clear a financial hold on my student account?

If you need a hold released so you can register or get transcripts, pay the entire minimum payment due on the most recent billing statement. The university registrar reserves the right to cancel your registration if your check is not honored by your financial institution. If you pay in person at Student Financial Services, ask the cashier to process your hold release online so you can register immediately.

My company/government/other agency will pay all or part of my bill; what should I do?

If the agency gives you a letter authorizing Lynn to bill it directly, take or mail the letter to

Student Financial Services,
Lynn University, 3601 N. Military Trail,
Boca Raton, FL 33431.

The letter must specify for whom the agency will pay, which charges it will pay, which terms it will pay, and where the bill should be  sent. If the agency needs to see a grade or transcript before paying tuition, you must pay the original bill and have the agency reimburse you.

How do I cancel my classes?

Day students: contact your advisor to drop your classes. Evening students: you may drop your courses online or through your advisor.

How do I get a refund?

You are eligible for a credit balance refund check only if you have an eligible credit balance on your student account. Please be aware of the dates you are registering for, as they may affect the amount of refund you will be entitled to. Please refer to the student
catalog, Web site or call our office at 561-237-7185 for the refund policy for the day and evening/graduate division.

Can billing charges be waived?

You may appeal a charge if you think your special circumstances warrant a waiver. Supporting documentation may be required. Please put in writing and fax to 561-237- 7189 or e-mail to

Where do I get a duplicate account statement or receipt?
Using the electronic billing and payment system, you can view and print copies of current and prior monthly billing statements. Viewing your student account online in real-time shows up-to-date current balances and financial transaction information.

How do I know if I have a hold on my record and how do I clear it?

Call Student Financial Services at 561-237-7185 or to determine which offices have placed holds on your record. Contact the office that placed the hold for instructions on how to clear it.

What can I do if I think my payment has been returned to Lynn?

If your bank returns any check or e-check written to Lynn, your university account will be charged $20 for each returned item.