Missing person protocols

Contact identification procedures:

All students will have the option of identifying an individual(s) to be contacted by the University not later than 24 hours after the person is deemed to be missing per University protocols. Lynn University will provide each student a means to register such confidential information to be used if a student is determined to have been missing for a period of more than 24 hours. Any student under the age of 18 years of age and not an emancipated individual, the university will contact a custodial parent or guardian after the 24 hour time period has elapsed.

  1. Security contacted by interested parties (family, roommate, friend)
  2. Campus communication report will be initiated
  3. Security will begin investigation within campus community immediately
  4. Determine length of time since student last seen or contact was made by person(s) making the report
  5. Attempt to contact any person who may have information or has any type of relationship with the missing student, to include roommates, friends, instructors, resident life staff and teammates.
  6. University administration will be made aware of situation as information becomes available
  7. Determine if there are extenuating circumstances involved. If said investigation reveals any unusual activity or information, then the local police will be contacted immediately
  8. If the 24 hour period of time has lapsed then local authorities will be contact per Lynn University policy.
  9. Confidential emergency contact person will be made aware of the situation and any information available at time of notification
  10. Lynn University will cooperate with any investigating agency to assist in locating the missing person
If contact is re‐established:
  • Local investigating agencies will be contacted with the appropriate information
  • Contact the confidential emergency contact person and advise them of situation
  • University administration will be made aware of the situation as known to Security at time of re‐contact
If contact is not re‐established:
  • The university security and staff will to assist any group in all reasonable efforts to find the missing person
  • The university administration will be updated on the situation when information becomes available
  • The family/ contact person will be kept informed as to the university‘s information without disrupting any outside agency investigations