Richard Bruno

Richard Bruno

“Around 90 countries are represented within the student body at Lynn. I felt Lynn was a perfect match because I would have the opportunity to continue to be exposed to the various cultures from around the world.” — Dr. Richard Bruno

Prior to working at Lynn, Dr. Bruno’s career was spent in the medical profession as a physician. He joined the U.S. Foreign Service and worked as an embassy doctor in Nigeria, Germany, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. When he wasn’t serving overseas, he was on assignment in Washington, D.C., or providing medical support for diplomats at United States embassies in the Caribbean and Central and South America.

During his 21 years in the Foreign Service, he learned firsthand how medicine is practiced around the world, worked closely with the doctors from the CIA, and provided medical care to officials of the FBI, Agency for International Development, the Secret Service and United States Customs. Dr. Bruno also traveled internationally as physician to several secretaries of state, including George Shultz, Warren Christopher and Colin Powell. A native of Pittsburgh, Pa., he had been to Haiti on several Doctors Without Borders medical missions before joining Lynn four years ago.

At Lynn, Dr. Bruno was an assistant professor in the College of Liberal Education. Described as socially outgoing and determined, he always wanted to convey to every student the message that “you can do it!”

Catherine Wharton, who worked with Dr. Bruno in the Institute for Achievement and Learning, remembers how he took control of the situation when her son became critically ill during a university trip: “He made me feel as though I didn’t have to worry about anything.”

In a recent interview his middle daughter, Kelly, said, “If there was anyone you would want with you [in an earthquake], it would be my dad.”

Dr. Cynthia Patterson, vice president for academic affairs, shared her thoughts about Dr. Bruno: “With compassion, care and a deep commitment to helping others, Dr. Bruno became one of Lynn’s most respected and effective professors. Able to impart his love of learning to his students, Dr. Bruno challenged each and every student to discover his potential and pursue his goals and personal aspirations. Beyond his considerable contributions to students’ academic achievements, Dr. Bruno’s greatest contributions to the Lynn community lie in his leadership as an advocate for human dignity, social justice and international cooperation. The consummate global citizen, Dr. Bruno committed his life professionally and personally to the service of others and to promoting a more just, equitable and peaceful world.”

Dr. Bruno embraced life with vigor and was always willing to pursue a new adventure or simply enjoy the company of friends. Most of all, he loved being a dad. He was deeply devoted to each of his three daughters—Lauren, Kelly and Annamarie—and everyone on campus knew that the simple mention of their names made him exude unbridled joy and pride. He was 59 years old.