Courtney Hayes

Courtney Hayes photoDescribed as outgoing and sweet (a real “Southern Peach”), honest and open, Courtney, who grew up in Douglas, Ga., had a compassionate, caring and loving nature. She loved the environment and fashion, and she had a soft spot for children and pets.

Courtney, 23, was majoring in Biology and Pre-Med. Her campus involvement included the Green Committee, Equine Interest Group and Knights in the Community.

Dr. Khalique Ahmed, her chemistry professor, found Courtney to be “a symbol of compassion, politeness and civility” who “always displayed great gratitude for everything life had offered to her.” She even wrote a thank you note on a class test, and on the last test she took for Dr. Ahmed before leaving for the Haiti trip she wrote, “Have a great holiday. See you next semester.”

Courtney displayed great empathy for others. Her decision to go to Haiti emerged from her earnest desire to alleviate the suffering of her fellow humans. One of her favorite quotes was: “Some people stay in our lives for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

Courtney was “a great human being who had incredible impact on everybody around her. Her spirit will continue to live on in all of us,” said Dr. Ahmed.