Employers are encouraged to post their employment opportunities and to schedule on-campus recruitment visits as well as information sessions.

On-campus recruiting

Employers visit Lynn University to interview upcoming graduates each fall and spring semester depending on their company's hiring needs. Employers are invited to come on campus to discuss the organizations they represent, available job openings and internship opportunities with students and alumni.

Fall semester dates begin in mid-October and end the first week of December. Spring dates are available from early March into late April. Career Connections also accommodates employers wishing to hire candidates for part-time and seasonal positions through on-campus tables set up in our high-traffic student activities building. Recruitment information forms must be received prior to scheduling a date. In addition, we ask that you submit all recruitment literature and position descriptions one month prior to your company's visit date. If you would like to offer an information presentation (also known as Corporate Lecture Series presentation) prior to your recruitment date, please let us know.

Employer panels

There is no better way for students to learn about careers, to make their school work more relevant, and to pursue the exploration process that precedes sound decisions about their future. There is no substitute for firsthand information and experience. In our panels we strive for the "person-centered" approach. We like to learn about occupations primarily through learning about the people in those occupations. To schedule an information session, please contact Career Connections at:

3601 N. Military Trail
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Office: 561-237-7286
Fax: 561-237-7285