Study abroad

Lynn's Center for Learning Abroad offers more than 50 programs that introduce you to the world, on your terms. Travel short-term for three weeks, or long-term for a semester…or even a year. Hop over to Central America or cross the globe to China. With so many options for study abroad, we know you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Center for Learning Abroad

Lynn University’s Center for Learning Abroad (CLA) makes sure every student has the chance to study overseas and experience a new culture during their time at Lynn.

All of our programs allow you to expand your knowledge of the world – and your interests. They have met Lynn University standards in academic rigor; health, safety and security; and student life and support services.

Plus, every single one of the study abroad programs at Lynn can be applied towards the completion of your degree.

Semester or more

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the culture of a new country than by settling in for a few months. Lynn’s semester and year-long study abroad programs are offered in more than 30 cities (spanning 20 countries worldwide), where you’ll study with local professors and/or in local universities.

While you’re there, you’ll learn much more than just your coursework – you’ll learn the culture, the area, and the basics of the local lingo, too. (It’s okay if you don’t speak another language; except for your language course, our overseas classes are available in English) From holiday celebrations to local dining favorites, long-term travel in another country will open your eyes to the world.

Some of our popular programs let you:

  • Be inspired by the fashion of Florence, Italy, and design the newest trends
  • Learn to tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Learn Spanish from the masters in Barcelona, Spain
  • Live on the brink of culture in Istanbul, Turkey, where East meets West
  • Study creative writing in Oscar Wilde’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland 
  • Get acquainted with China as you study business and language in Shanghai

The best part? Semester and year-long study abroad programs at Lynn don’t come at any additional cost to you. Just pay your normal Lynn tuition, room and board, and hop a flight overseas. It’s as easy as that.

Short-term study

The CLA also offers shorter 3- to 4-week study abroad programs that let you take a class overseas with a small group of Lynn professors and students. Because, really – would you rather study Art History on a college campus, or while touring the Louvre in Paris?

These short-term study abroad programs are typically offered during January Term and the summer break. No matter what your degree or interests, our short-term trips can help you gain insight and experience. Example programs have included:

  • Interacting with corporate CEOs in China
  • Exploring the struggles of apartheid in South Africa
  • Practicing sports media management at the London Olympics
  • Discovering the merge of traditional and new-age politics in Morocco
  • Learning leadership methods in New Zealand

The cost for short-term study abroad programs averages about $4,250.

Whether you choose to go global for a few weeks, a semester or an academic year, your study abroad experience will change the way you look at the world. Learn more by visiting the Center for Learning Abroad.