Experiential learning

Learning is a lot more fun when you're interested and involved in the things you're studying. Take, for example, our most recent big event...


Millennium Campus Conference

From Oct. 10-12, the 2014 Millennium Campus Conference (presented by Millennium Campus Network) took place at Lynn University. We welcomed more than 1,000 students from universities nationwide, and together we created an atmosphere where young minds could work together to help eradicate poverty and hunger, ensure environmental sustainability and promote gender equality.

By hosting MCC on campus, our students got backstage and front-row access to the humanitarian event of the year. They took on important roles, and they gained experience in presenting and managing large-scale events. Plus, they got to meet and work closely with important people—CEOs, public figures and famous brand ambassadors included.

Previously, MCC has been held at universities including Columbia, Harvard and Northeastern. By hosting MCC at Lynn this year, each and every one of our students got the chance to be involved in conversations that matter.

Real-life learning

Experiential learning is about getting involved and getting active...and at Lynn, we're firm supporters of that.

We feel that you'll probably learn best when you're interested in what you're doing. And to keep you interested, we give you real opportunities to get involved (and fill up your resume). Our J-Term and study abroad programs will give you plenty of chances to learn by doing. Our students have enjoyed all of these opportunities ... plus many, many more:

  • Work for the final Presidential Debate of 2012 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
  • Interview famous CEOs, musicians and journalists
  • Attend and work at the ESPN Winter X-Games, the NCAA Final Four and the Winter Major League Baseball Meetings 
  • Become FAA-certified flight instructors
  • Attend and work in New York's annual Fashion Week

International experiences