Lynn 3.0

The Lynn 3.0 program allows students to complete their degree in 3 rather than 4 years. If selected, Lynn 3.0 scholars will be required to participate in a May to June summer term, enroll in 18 credit hours per semester for their final two years of enrollment, and take 4 credit hours during the January term. As a special, cost-saving benefit, Lynn 3.0 scholars are not charged additional tuition or fees for overload hours.

Academic Structure and Requirements

Fall J-Term Spring Summer Total
First Year 15 credits 2 credits 15 credits 9 credits 41 credits
Second Year 18 credits 4 credits 18 credits   40 credits
Third Year 18 credits 4 credits 18 credits   40 credits
  • program available in all majors except music and education
  • summer classes required only in first year
  • summer term (“Dialogues Institute”) allows students to stay on track with core classes while focusing on major field and upper-level course work in second and third years


  • Save an estimated $45,600 (tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation and personal expenses) over the cost of a 4‐year degree.
  • priority course registration, ensuring you’ll get the courses you need
  • ability to design your own course of study, with guidance from the dean
  • no additional charges for required summer courses and accelerated course loads
  • accelerated entry into graduate school or the job market

Eligibility and application procedure

  1. Entering students with a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 are invited to enter the Lynn 3.0 program. If openings are available within the cohort, existing first-year students with a GPA of 3.0 based on their fall semester grades may apply for admission in the spring semester with final approval pending receipt of spring semester grades. 
  2. The vice president for academic affairs, in consultation with the deans of each college and the dean of the Institute for Achievement and Learning, will make all academic decisions regarding admission. 
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