Menu of services

When you start working with the Institute for Achievement and Learning, you'll be connected with a Program Coach who will support you in becoming an independent learner.

Support services include, but are not limited to:

Academic coaching: A cognitive integrative-based coaching model is used by certified coaches. Executive function issues are addressed, and we explore new learning strategies to reduce symptoms related to deficits in executive functioning.

Assistive technology: The IAL offers a wide variety of computer software programs (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Kurzweil, Inspiration, etc.) that help students increase competency with the reading and writing process.

Diagnostic assessment: Our clinicians also provide psycho-educational and neuropsychological evaluations (WISC, WAIS, etc.) if needed through the Diagnostic Center.

Alternative testing environment: With appropriate documentation, all students have the option to take extended-time exams in an alternative testing environment.

Institute fellows: Select courses within the Dialogues of Learning are taught by institute fellows who are trained in accommodating metacognitive instruction pedagogy and who incorporate a variety of different teaching and learning strategies.

Tutoring: Master’s and doctoral-level professionals offer a variety of tutoring options at the IAL’s Wayser Tutoring Center, including:

  • Content tutoring – subject-specific to aid in the student’s comprehension of material presented in class
  • Group tutoring – consists of tutors working with small groups of students working on similar projects. This type of tutoring facilitates in building student relations and a sense of universality.
  • Individual tutoring – available for students who require more individual attention.
  • Process tutoring – focuses on the elements or concepts required for successful writing, speaking and organizing
  • Writing Center – an open environment for students which fosters independence in a welcoming atmosphere. Open Monday through Friday, no appointments are necessary. Students can simply work on their essays, while staff of writing experts offers guidance in the writing process when needed.