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When you start working with the Institute for Achievement and Learning, you'll receive an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to help ensure success in your university courses.

Your ILP will include information about which support services offered at the Institute would benefit and support you the most. You'll work with one learning advisor continuously, who will play an instrumental role in developing and maintaining your ILP as your studies progress.

Support services include, but are not limited to:

Academic Coaching: A cognitive integrative-based coaching model is used by certified coaches. Executive function issues are addressed, and we explore new learning strategies to reduce symptoms related to deficits in executive functioning.

Assistive Technology: The IAL offers a wide variety of computer software programs (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Kurzweil, Inspiration, etc.) that help students achieve success with the reading and writing process.

Diagnostic Assessment: The IAL conducts a learning profile assessment (Alpha Profile) for every entering first-year student. Our clinicians also provide psycho-educational and neuropsychological evaluations (WISC, WAIS, etc.) if needed through the Diagnostic Center.

Alternative Testing Environment: With appropriate documentation, all students have the option to take extended-time exams in an alternative testing environment.

DSSO 100: Self as Learner Course: The essence of this 3 credit course revolves around self-awareness, specifically one's metacognition, self-efficacy and self-advocacy, values and ethics and resiliency related to Self as Learner. These themes will be examined from a historical, cultural, and social/environmental perspective to illustrate the interrelationship between Self and Society and the evaluation of their metacognitive effect on one's learning.

Institute Fellows: Select courses within the Dialogues of Learning are taught by Institute Fellows who are trained in accommodating metacognitive instruction pedagogy and who incorporate a variety of different teaching and learning strategies.

J-Term Institute Courses: These academic experiences focus on service to others while providing students the opportunity to interact with those in need both domestically and abroad.

Tutoring: Master’s and doctoral-level professionals offer a variety of tutoring options at the IAL’s Wayser Tutoring Center, including:

  • Content tutoring – subject-specific to aid in the student’s comprehension of material presented in class
  • Group tutoring – consists of tutors working with small groups of students working on similar projects. This type of tutoring facilitates in building student relations and a sense of universality.
  • Individual tutoring – available for students who require more individual attention.
  • Process tutoring – focuses on the elements or concepts required for successful writing, speaking and organizing
  • Writing Center – an open environment for students which fosters independence in a welcoming atmosphere. Open seven days a week, no appointments are necessary. Students can simply work on their essays, while staff of writing experts offers guidance in the writing process when needed.


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