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Lynn University's Dialogues of Learning are the cornerstone of the Lynn academic experience.

Dialogues of Learning
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Dialogues of Innovation
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Dialogues of Learning

Blending liberal arts education with professional study, Lynn University’s new core curriculum, The Dialogues of Learning, is comprised of courses that are interdisciplinary and both internationally and domestically focused. Students participate in seminar-style classes that are designed to enhance critical thinking and reasoning, written and oral communication skills, as well as information technological literacy.

All students participate in these innovative and engaging courses from the freshman through the senior year, offering students the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and perspective essential to their intellectual, personal and professional education. The Dialogues focus on “living in dialogue” with each other in the past, present and future, within and across disciplines, and in pursuit of a common humanity, creating lifelong learners for the 21st century.

Dialogues of Innovation: The January Term

To accentuate and foster the spirit of innovation that distinguishes the Lynn experience, the core curriculum includes a specially designed educational component, the Dialogues of Innovation, offered during the January Term. This mini term provides unique learning opportunities outside the traditional academic setting. In each of the four undergraduate years, students complete one on- or off-campus course of their choice in the January Term.

An integrated core curriculum

By design, Lynn’s core curriculum is based on a learning-centered community, where faculty and students are equally important and mutually responsible participants in the learning process. The program is designed to be a relevant, integrated and intensive four-year curriculum that recognizes the students’ distinct interests. The Dialogues engage students in conversations that cross disciplinary boundaries and fosters an understanding of both the United States and global communities, no matter what degree the student is pursuing.