CIC alum Sheena Foster, news broadcaster and reporter.Kevin Wilkins interns at White HouseCommunication students intern at a radio station.CIC alum Lisa Gangel, a reporter for NBC 5, broadcasts live from a football game.

Communication careers

Whatever specialization the CIC student chooses, the wide-ranging and interactive curriculum allows students to tailor their experience to a variety of specific industries. The career choices for communication professionals are varied and diverse, including such dynamic fields as advertising and public relations, media sales and marketing, publishing and editing, media production and journalism, campaign consulting and advocacy, Web managing and design, radio and television programming, acting, film production, and much more.

Internship opportunities

Experiential learning is a significant component of the academic programs in international communication. Students are offered an opportunity to complete practicum courses and an internship in their area of study in which they learn what it is like to work in communication-related positions. The college assists students in identifying internship opportunities that not only meet their personal needs, but that can serve as a first step in a professional career. Students who complete a practicum and/or internship through the college gain both experience and an opportunity for professional recommendations, and may even be recruited as full-time employees for the organization upon graduation.

Alumni in the field

The baccalaureate and master’s programs in communication and media in the College of International Communication provide a well-grounded foundation for graduates to become successful practitioners in the communication industries. CIC alumni are currently working in major advertising and public relations firms, at television and radio network affiliates as well as cable television networks, as elected officials and on political campaigns, as graphic and Web editors, actors and directors, and many more communication-related fields. The college takes great pride in the accomplishments of its remarkable alumni and continues its focused approach to learning and teaching, encouraging the individual creativity that allows students to pursue communication-related careers upon graduation.