NBS students visit WPTV studios in West Palm Beach.A graphic design student works on a project in the computer lab.

Active learning

In the College of International Communication, you'll have lots of opportunities to work on real projects for the campus and local business communities.

And on campus, there are plenty of communication- and media-related clubs, organizations and activities to get involved with. From an honor society to professional and industry-specific organizations, you'll have a variety of choices for extracurricular activities. 

Financial aid

There are a number of scholarship and financial aid opportunities funded by external organizations for students who wish to major in a communication program. Scholarships for students may include funding for tuition, books, room and board, and even study abroad experiences. The College of International Communication and the Office of Student Financial Services provide information and resources to assist in obtaining these communication-related scholarships.


The college strives to stay ahead of the curve with communication technology—in its media, design and editing labs. This technology is often on the cutting edge in the academic community. A state-of-the-art digital facility houses radio, television and cinema production and post-production centers that enables students to develop pre-professional skills and an advanced understanding of studio, field and news production as well as non-linear editing.