A teacher works with a student in the classroom.Education students engage in experiential learning.An education major obtains field experience.A College of Education alumna works in the school system.An education alum is now a principal.

Careers in education

A degree in elementary education from the Ross College of Education prepares motivated and dedicated students to teach in a primary or secondary learning institution anywhere in the country. Students may also choose to enter careers in adult education, in educational leadership, as a reading specialist, or as a member of a literacy coalition. A graduate degree in this field typically provides continuing education for the classroom teacher and may help open the door to a career in administration or teacher education.

Internship and field experience opportunities

As experiential learning is a large component in the Ross College of Education, students are required to complete a series of teacher shadowing and field experiences, during which they learn what it is like to work in education. The student teaching experience is often thought to be one of the most important parts of teacher education programs, and many educators believe that this is the time when preservice teachers begin to develop their values, beliefs and teaching skills. The college works closely with students in order to find field experiences that not only meet their personal needs, but that will help their professional goals as well.

Alumni in the field

Graduates from the Ross College of Education have gone onto successful careers as teachers in both public and private school districts throughout Florida and the United States. The college also has alumni currently serving as assistant principals, principals and district supervisors. The college is proud of its distinguished alumni and continues to provide current students the opportunity to gain experience through student teaching and experiential learning in the classroom to prepare them for careers in education when they graduate.