Welcome to Lynn’s woodwind department. In addition to our world-renowned faculty, the thing that sets Lynn’s woodwind program apart from other conservatories and performance-based institutions is our intimate studio size. All students enrolled at Lynn perform in ensembles from the very first day. Whether you are an incoming freshman, or a second-year graduate student, you will fully participate in all of our ensembles, including orchestra, wind ensemble, woodwind orchestral repertoire class, woodwind chamber ensemble, as well as smaller chamber groups. We have multiple opportunities for individual performance as well; mock auditions, juries, weekly performance forum in front of students and faculty, performance in individual studio classes, as well as combined woodwind studio class. From building a strong musical and technical foundation to taking the finals steps toward winning an audition, Lynn is an extraordinary place to be. 

-Dr. Eric Van der Veer Varner


Highlights in the Woodwind curriculum

  • Lessons and studio class with artist faculty
  • Weekly chamber music coaching
  • Orchestral repertoire classes
  • Weekly performance forum
  • Combined woodwind studio class and performance forum
  • Lynn Philharmonia concerts
  • Lynn Wind Ensemble
  • Concerto Competition
  • Woodwind Chamber Ensemble
  • Mock auditions

Recent and upcoming master classes

  • Nermis Mieses, Professor, Bowling Green State University
  • Nora Lewis, Professor, Kansas State University
  • Igor Leschishin, Kennedy Center National Opera
  • Phillip O Paglialonga, Professor, Virginia Tech University
  • Mark Timmerman, New York City Ballet
  • Susan Nelson, Professor, Bowling Green State University
  • Martin Kuuskman, International Soloist
  • Gabriel Beavers, Professor, University of Miami
  • Saxton Rose, Professor, University of North Carolina School of the Arts