MBA in Media Management

Earning your MBA in Media Management at Lynn will get you more than just a graduate-level business degree.

Yes, you’ll gain the business and management skills that an MBA assumes—but you’ll also gain an added specialization in the area of your choice.

An excellent management professional takes advantage of their resources and plans efficiently. As an MBA student at Lynn, you’ll practice these skills while delving into the various aspects of running and managing a business. You’ll gain the skills you need to motivate your employees and enhance your profitability. And your specialization in media management will add to your business core with three courses covering the technologies, law, communication and culture of the media—providing you with a personalized and well-rounded management degree and a very marketable familiarity in media management.

You’ll study with your peers and professors on an iPad mini (provided to you by Lynn, that you keep after graduation) to make sure you get the most out of your education. And if you study on campus, you’ll take classes in our brand new International Business Center—a building designed specifically with business students in mind.

The specialization in media management will add to the management skills you’ve already acquired through your personal experience and undergraduate studies. You’ll take detailed courses that investigate communication practices, including how messages are received differently through different audiences.

The global exposure you’ll gain at Lynn will be a great addition to your education and experience, too. About 25 percent of our students are international, from countries outside of the U.S. Gaining experience with various cultures and nationalities will help ensure a perfect transition into the global field of communication.

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Media Management MBA: Curriculum

All MBA students will complete a series of seven foundational courses that provide a knowledge of business and management with topics in marketing, human resources and financial accountability.

Courses specific to the MBA in Media Management program:

COM 510: Communication and Media Technologies
Studies the development, implementation, role and impact of technology in communication and media with a focus on emergent technologies and how they are adopted by the mass media.

COM 515: Media Law and Regulation
This course offers an overview of media research on cultural differences relating to domestic and international concerns. Theories and research pertaining to international media and multicultural communication are reviewed.

COM 550: Media and Culture
An in-depth study of professional presentational skills including business presentations, interviewing techniques and performance for the camera. This course combines rhetorical theories with practical skills in delivery, audience analysis and crowd manipulation. Particular attention is given to presentations across a variety of media platforms. Students write press releases, engage in press conferences, group presentations and interviews.

Media Management MBA: Requirements

Graduates of the MBA in Media Management program must complete 12 three-credit courses, which include six foundational courses (21 credits), three media management specialization courses (9 credits) and two electives (6 credits).

Media Management MBA: Career opportunities

An MBA with a specialization in Media Management can make a qualified media management professional out of any motivated student—including you. Students graduating with this degree can qualify for such careers as a media executive, marketing executive, media sales representative, network code enforcement specialist, corporate relations executive, station manager and consultant, to name a few.

Your new degree will give you access to impressive career opportunities—many more than we could ever hope to list. Still, we’ve created this short sampling of careers you might pursue starting with this degree:

  • Director of public relations
  • Director of finance
  • Director of business development
  • Associate director of media planning strategy
  • Corporate communications manager

Companies of all sizes are in need of confident managers… that’s why an MBA is so flexible. Your specialization will gain you access to roles in marketing, media and corporate relations, but that’s not all. Our alumni have achieved successful careers with a wide range of impressive companies, including:

  • Sotheby’s International Realty in New York City
  • Alexis Dejoria Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Zimmerman Advertising in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • The GEO Group in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Gerente Geral in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We’re happy to help you set and reach your career goals. At Lynn, all students enjoy free career planning services.

Media Management MBA: Salary outlook

Employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers, such as those found in mass communications and media management, is expected to increase by 12 percent through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Graduating from the Media Management MBA program at Lynn University may increase your earning potential in communication management by opening the door to new management and leadership opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that median annual wages in May 2012 in corporate settings were $115,750 for advertising, promotions and marketing managers, $71,350 for producers and directors and $95,450 for public relations managers. determined that median annual wages in August 2014 in corporate settings were $91,811 for communications managers.

Last modified: Oct. 12, 2016