Bachelor of Science

Forensic Science

Our forensic science program will have you gathering, studying and analyzing evidence in 3D space with state-of-the-art technologies and laboratories.

And unlike many forensic science programs offered throughout the country, ours covers multiple topics within the field. You’ll take your education as far as possible by studying a range of variations, like forensic chemistry and forensic investigation…and increased exposure can lead to increased career opportunities.

In fact, since your professors at Lynn are experienced industry professionals, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to network within the field and even gain internships with local, national and federal law enforcement agencies. By the time you’ve graduated with your forensic science degree, you’ll be prepared to land in any forensic science-related profession.

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You’ll take classes in computer forensics and criminalistics as a forensic science major. Major topics of study will range from ethics and human behavior to preservation and investigation of the crime scene.  

General education classes will be satisfied through our Dialogues of Learning core curriculum—a program that relates real-world topics to traditional studies. Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science:

Career opportunities

Your new degree will give you access to impressive career opportunities—many more than we could ever hope to list. Still, we’ve created this short sampling of careers you might pursue starting with this degree:

  • Genetic counselor
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Laboratory technician
  • Drug analyst
  • Private investigator

We’re happy to help you set and reach your career goals. At Lynn, all students enjoy free career planning services.

Last modified: Jul. 13, 2015