Bachelor of Science


Biology is the study of life—and having an understanding of this important subject matter will open doors for you in many career fields.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology program will provide you with a thorough understanding of life on various levels, from micro to macro.

At Lynn, you’ll learn from industry expert professionals, and you’ll work hands-on in laboratory experiments. You’ll even have the chance to be involved in faculty-mentored research projects. Those projects are a big deal—it’s a chance to be published in research journals and showcase your findings at national forums. At other schools, such opportunities are reserved only for graduate students…but at Lynn, they’re available to you as an undergraduate.

By the time you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be able to apply the scientific process to assess new projects and information. You’ll be able to analyze data, carry out biological lab techniques and develop solutions to biological problems.

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At Lynn, your course schedule combines core curriculum and degree-specific classes right from the start—meaning you can start studying the subjects that interest you as early as your first year.

And as a biology major, you’ll study topics including Biological Patterns and Processes, Microbiology and Organic Chemistry.

You may also be interested in a concentration in forensic science. This specialization offers you the tools you need to work in a crime laboratory upon graduating. Courses such as forensic chemistry and forensic molecular biology prepare you for the analysis of forensic evidence.

Career opportunities

Your new degree will give you access to impressive career opportunities—many more than we could ever hope to list. Still, we’ve created this short sampling of careers you might pursue starting with this degree:

  • Genetic counselor
  • Laboratory testing specialist
  • Pharmacology specialist
  • Marine or conservation biologist
  • Botanist

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Last modified: Oct. 12, 2016