The College of Arts and Sciences offers hands-on experience in its science courses. Students may pursue a career in law enforcement.There are many internships available for students.Alumni are currently working in positions in criminal justice and other fields.

Careers in arts and sciences

Specialized classes in the College of Arts and Sciences are designed to give you a great start in your field of study. You'll gain the critical skills you'll need for a successful career after graduation.

With your new degree, you'll enjoy a wide variety of career choices. 

Internship opportunities

If you choose, or based on course requirements, you can intern with well-known businesses to learn more about your major. Internship opportunities provide a hands-on education, and the College of Arts and Sciences can pair you with an internship that will serve as the first step in your professional career.

Alumni in the field

College of Arts and Sciences alumni have taken incredible roles, from chief of police to published author. We're proud to connect current students with influential alumni so you can build relationships that will positively affect your future.