The College of Arts and Sciences offers hands-on experience in its science courses. Students may pursue a career in law enforcement.There are many internships available for students.Alumni are currently working in positions in criminal justice and other fields.

Careers in arts and sciences

Whatever area of study the student chooses, the College of Arts and Sciences strives to provide both interdisciplinary and specialized curriculum to prepare the student with the critical skills necessary to succeed in a career any industry upon graduation. The career choices for students in the College of Arts and Sciences are diverse and varied, including such fields and professions as community organization, political advisor, environmental science, forensics, law enforcement, social work, counseling and much more.

Internship opportunities

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of internship opportunities for students as experiential learning is a significant component of the areas of study in the college. Depending on a student’s particular area of interest, faculty will work to place them in an organization or agency that will provide applicable learning opportunities in the field. A wide variety of internship choices are available to students, ranging from positions in counseling centers, law enforcement agencies, forensic science labs, political campaigns and various government organizations. The college assists students in identifying internship opportunities that not only meet their personal needs, but that can serve as a first step in a professional career.

Alumni in the field

College of Arts and Sciences alumni are currently working in such positions as chief of police, licensed counselor, published author, political activist, social worker and many more. The college is proud of its alumni and continues to provide current students with an interdisciplinary and experiential approach to learning that will give students with the foundation that they will need to be able to work and adapt in their 21st century careers.