Master of Business Administration

Aviation Management

Earning your MBA at Lynn will get you more than just a graduate-level business degree.

Yes, you’ll gain the business and management skills that an MBA assumes—but you’ll also gain an added specialization in the area of your choice.

The aviation management specialization promises a solid foundation in organization and control of airports, aircraft and crew. Our courses incorporate traditional lectures as well as more hands-on and action-based learning—so you’ll acquire the knowledge and experience to become a confident aviation management professional that can keep up in this fast-paced industry. 

The global exposure you’ll gain at Lynn will be a great addition to your education and experience, too. About 25% of our students are international, from countries outside of the U.S. Having experience with various cultures and nationalities can be very helpful in a field like aviation, where avoiding and preventing misunderstandings is crucial.

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Career Opportunities

Your new degree will give you access to impressive career opportunities—many more than we could ever hope to list. Still, we’ve created this short sampling of careers you might pursue with this degree:

  • Airport manager
  • Ground crew manager
  • Aviation instructor

We’re happy to help you set and reach your career goals. At Lynn, all students enjoy free career planning services.


All MBA students will complete a series of seven foundational courses that provide a knowledge of business and management with topics in marketing, human resources and financial accountability.

Courses specific to the specialization in aviation management range from airport operations to aviation organization management.

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Last modified: Feb. 27, 2014