Students and faculty in the aviation programA Lynn airplane at the Boca Raton airportStudent at the controls of the flight simulatorAn aerial shot of the campus taken from a university airplane.The Burton D. Morgan School of AeronauticsA School of Aeronautics airplane sits on the tarmac

Student activities

Students in the School of Aeronautics have many opportunities to participate in aviation-related clubs, organizations and activities. From a national aviation fraternity to a flight competition team, there are a number of professional and industry-specific organizations for the students to choose from. Options for extracurricular activities in the school include field trips to area airports, tours of air traffic control facilities, trips to the statewide FAC conference and many other aviation-related activities in and outside the cockpit.

Air Force ROTC

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) gives men and women the opportunity to become an Air Force officer while completing their college degree. The Air Force offers a two or four year program that, upon graduation, places the student in the rank of second lieutenant. Enrollment in the AFROTC program ensures eligibility for full scholarship funds.

Financial aid

The Burton D. Morgan School of Aeronautics maintains a database of available aviation-related industry scholarships and strives to help students procure outside funding to defray the cost of tuition and flying. Students may also seek commercial student loans for their flight training, which are similar to federal student loans, and the post-9/11 GI bill may cover flight training expenses for qualified students. The School of Aeronautics, as well as the Office of Student Administrative Services, will work with students in providing information and resources to assist in obtaining these aviation-related scholarships. Students can also view a list of available aviation-related financial aid programs online.


Located directly on the airfield at the Boca Raton Airport, the School of Aeronautics has established a first-class training facility. The location offers students access to pilot briefing rooms, flight training devices, sophisticated weather and flight planning system, as well as ramp access to flight training aircraft. There are also tie-down spaces available on the ramp for parents and visitors who choose to fly into Boca Raton in private aircraft. All ground and management classes are held on the university campus. Also located at the airport facility is a state-of-the-art Frasca International FAA Level 3 Equipped Model 142 Twin/Multi Engine FTD. This high-tech aeronautical simulator is the cornerstone of Frasca’s line of flight training devices and is utilized by leading flight schools, colleges and universities worldwide.