Social media policy

Lynn University encourages the use of social media tools* to promote engagement and to facilitate an ongoing dialogue with students, colleagues and external constituents.

Because these tools inherently blend your personal and professional lives, the Lynn University Office of Marketing and Communication has developed these policies and guidelines to help clarify the risks and best practices associated with social media activities to protect you and the university. It is your responsibility to read and understand these and other university policies that govern your online behavior.

The Office of Marketing and Communication welcomes any questions, requests or feedback regarding social media tools. Please submit them via e-mail to

*Social media tools include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, foursquare, message boards and blogs.

Institutional policies

Remember, it’s public

Social media postings are in the public domain. This means anyone in the world can see your posts, and your posts can impact you and the university. Social media are public channels and are searchable via standard Web browsers – despite your privacy settings. You are responsible for any and all content and exchanges occurring within the pages/tools under your purview. Treat online comments the same way you would at a public forum.

Follow the rules

All postings are subject to university policies, NCAA regulations and federal regulations – including FERPA. Disclosure of confidential or proprietary material not in the public domain is strictly prohibited.

Be transparent

Unless you are acting as an agent of Lynn University with permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication, use social media under your own identity/name.

Respect others

Inappropriate posts, comments and exchanges including profanity, harassment, bullying and hate speech are strictly prohibited.

Don’t violate copyright laws

Your postings are subject to copyright laws. Do not use materials – including photos and music – without permission. Doing otherwise can expose you to legal action by copyright holders.

Don’t use Lynn logos without permission

Using the Lynn University seal, trademark, wordmark or official university photos for social media pages, profiles, channels, blogs etc. without prior permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication is strictly prohibited.

Regarding “official” institutional use

Unauthorized use and/or creation of Lynn University social media is strictly prohibited. Special training and prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Communication is required prior to creation of an official Lynn University social media page, profile, channel, blog, etc. Requests for official university social media pages, profiles, channels, blogs, etc. are welcome and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information.