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Lynn University pilots new career prep course
Program designed with the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce exposes future leaders to local business and civic communities Jan. 08, 2015
Industry veterans join Lynn University's College of Education
James Guthrie becomes university's first presidential scholar; Nancy Kline joins as assistant professor Dec. 04, 2014
Star Wars theme highlights State of the University address
Oct. 30, 2014
Lynn University appoints nationally recognized educator as dean of education
Kathleen Weigel first joined Lynn in 2012 as an adjunct professor Aug. 21, 2014
Lynn University saves students money on textbooks
Second year of iPad initiative on-boards all day undergrad students, MBA students and Ed.D students Aug. 20, 2014
Lynn University’s incoming class is officially the largest in six years
In addition to being one of the largest, the class is also one of the most diverse Sep. 18, 2013
Lynn offers 16 new majors to incoming freshmen
New major highlights include Forensic Science, Entrepreneurship, Independent Schools Elementary Education and Communication and Emerging Media May. 15, 2013
Lynn’s Center for Learning Abroad offers summer short-term study abroad programs
Students can choose an internship with the X Games, or courses in South Africa and China/Hong Kong May. 01, 2013
Education faculty member named Lynn’s first-ever professor emeritus
William Leary, former public school superintendent, has been teaching at Lynn University since 1998 Apr. 23, 2013
Lynn student raises awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness Month
“Women in the military are more likely to be sexually assaulted by their fellow military comrades than they are to be killed by enemy fire,” said Shaffer. Apr. 17, 2013
Lynn University education professor explores the issue of bullying
Boerger says, “It takes everyone getting involved to put an end to bullying. One incident is too many.” Apr. 11, 2013
Dean encourages teachers to restructure classrooms based on the whole child
“Knowing that we may have to restructure what we do and how we do it, we have the opportunity to truly reexamine our practice and adjust it accordingly to better meet the academic needs of our students,” said Mertler. Jan. 23, 2013
Lynn’s 2013 J-Term features innovative learning
January Term to focus on experiential learning, citizenship and solving real world problems Dec. 12, 2012
Education professor advises students to keep the passion burning
Boerger says people go into the teaching profession to “truly make a difference,” not for the money Dec. 12, 2012
Lynn develops first Apple iTunes U debate curriculum for education
Free grade-level specific courses to engage students in politics Aug. 13, 2012
Lynn trains professors to teach students how to become expert learners
30 faculty members are certified Institute Fellows May. 09, 2012
Education dean says cheating isn’t worth the risk
Cheating and plagiarism can negatively impact students’ future educational and employment opportunities Apr. 04, 2012
Lynn University announces debate-specific curriculum for the 2012 fall semester
Students can learn about a wide variety of issues related to the American political process Apr. 04, 2012
Lynn librarian builds presidential debate research guide
When I heard the faculty would be incorporating lessons about debates, creating a research guide seemed like a great way to contribute, said Barnett Mar. 06, 2012
Lynn University provides accelerated path to graduate degrees
3+1 program follows on the heels of successful accelerated undergrad program Feb. 14, 2012
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