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Lynn professor says the Nuremberg Trials showcase civilized society
Docudrama brings Project Nuremberg to life for local middle- and high school students using original transcripts housed in Lynn’s library Apr. 18, 2012
Lynn University announces debate-specific curriculum for the 2012 fall semester
Students can learn about a wide variety of issues related to the American political process Apr. 04, 2012
Lynn librarian builds presidential debate research guide
When I heard the faculty would be incorporating lessons about debates, creating a research guide seemed like a great way to contribute, said Barnett Mar. 06, 2012
Lynn University provides accelerated path to graduate degrees
3+1 program follows on the heels of successful accelerated undergrad program Feb. 14, 2012
Lynn University in dialogues with Apple to enhance students' learning experience
Apple experts to present their assistive technology at the 2012 Transitions conference Sep. 21, 2011
New executive-in-residence says conversation is crucial in a digital world
Former marketing VP for Monopoly and Scrabble co-invented Coffee Talk, conversation in a bag Sep. 21, 2011
Lynn’s new student enrollment for the fall semester is officially the largest in four years
Now that drop/add is complete, Lynn can report its official numbers for fall 2011 Sep. 21, 2011
Lynn senior's dedication to community service earns him a scholarship to study abroad
Lynn encouraged Welsh to help others and was instrumental in positioning him as a global citizen Sep. 20, 2011
Lynn hosts 6th annual Film Florida Legends Award
Award recipients include Burt Reynolds, Ray Fielding, Dee Miller, Victor Milt and Wes Skiles Jun. 15, 2011
Lynn invites the community to celebrate the arts with dance, music and more
Lobby transformed into active art gallery (featuring street performers, traditional and digital art), followed by live on-stage performances Apr. 18, 2011
From Hawaii to Bali: Students travel the world during Lynn’s 2011 January Term
Students became world travelers and part of an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime Apr. 13, 2011
Lynn communication students find their passion in the newsroom
Working with Lynn’s student newspaper helped both Patricia and Carlos land summer internships Dec. 08, 2010
Students search for their passion during Lynn’s 2011 January Term
Self-starter and founder of the One-Week Job Project, Sean Aiken, to address Lynn students Nov. 29, 2010
Former 20/20 and 60 Minutes producer is new multimedia journalism professor
Phillips brings wealth of experience to Lynn’s College of International Communication Sep. 07, 2010
Faculty Member and Outstanding Teacher of the Year Announced
Valeria Fabj and Robert Watson recognized for their accomplishments in and out of the classroom Jun. 14, 2010
Colombian pop star – Marala – is a junior studying communication at Lynn University
Maria Agudelo speaks about her experiences as a student and a pop star Apr. 30, 2010
Original Nuremberg trial transcripts found at Lynn, 3 spring courses surround the documents
Criminal justice, drama and international film courses will take a closer look at trials this semester Jan. 07, 2010
NYU dean, Elsewhere U.S.A. author keynotes Lynn’s Advertising 3.1 symposium
Conley, dean of social sciences at NYU, to discuss the new working professional – a blend of work and leisure Dec. 01, 2009
Oprah loves professor's handbags
Designer, fashion photographer and professor Ellen Stern new to Lynn this year Oct. 21, 2009
Professor says Lynn is breeding 21st century journalists
Brosemer, a former broadcast and investigative journalist, pushes traditional tenets, skill set in class Sep. 30, 2009
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