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Lynn hosts 2016 Transitions Conference
Feb. 03, 2016
Long-time employee to serve as director of Lynn’s Institute for Achievement and Learning
“I have always had the notion that ‘one model’ of education does not fit all learners,” Exsteen said. Aug. 14, 2013
Lynn trains professors to teach students how to become expert learners
30 faculty members are certified Institute Fellows May. 09, 2012
Lynn’s Institute has board certified academic coaches
Knight and Bauberger were certified through the Center for Credentialing and Education Jan. 24, 2012
Lynn University in dialogues with Apple to enhance students' learning experience
Apple experts to present their assistive technology at the 2012 Transitions conference Sep. 21, 2011
Lynn’s Institute was assessing learning before most colleges, says dean
2011 marks Lynn’s 20th anniversary of dedication to students with learning differences May. 10, 2011
Lynn recognized as model site for students with disabilities transition programs
Lynn named the On the Job Training (OJT) Site of the Year and receives a $2.5 million federal grant Dec. 07, 2010
National experts discuss the rising issue of students with learning differences
Fewer students with learning differences are being diagnosed because testing is less available, says Glines Feb. 25, 2010
Lynn’s Institute for Achievement and Learning now qualified for psychological testing
Lynn psychology grad students, under the direction of a licensed neuropsychologist, to conduct all testing Jan. 05, 2010
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