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Students search for their passion during Lynn’s 2011 January Term
Self-starter and founder of the One-Week Job Project, Sean Aiken, to address Lynn students Nov. 29, 2010
Storey outlines shift in the US education policy
Lynn education professor says, “The New DEEL will focus on democratic and ethical decisions and benefit educational leadership” Aug. 23, 2010
National experts discuss the rising issue of students with learning differences
Fewer students with learning differences are being diagnosed because testing is less available, says Glines Feb. 25, 2010
College of Education partners with UF, FSU on state-wide program
Project will allow educators to earn endorsement in teaching autistic, deaf and blind students Sep. 30, 2009
Prof analyzes gap between children from minority backgrounds vs. majority groups
“Parental involvement is low among Hispanic families compared to families from the majority group,” says Ruiz Camacho. “The current administration should work to close this gap.” Apr. 23, 2009
Education prof and literacy specialist named College Reading and Learning Association president-elect
Proficient readers, writers, speakers and listeners are more likely to succeed as future teachers, says Wolf Apr. 16, 2009
Healthcare at the Forefront – Do personal values affect hospital leadership?
“In the last decade, political, social and economic forces have fostered a market-driven healthcare environment,” say Lynn profs Jan. 05, 2009
Storey presents paper dealing with ‘glaring omission’ in U.S. education policy
Nov. 19, 2008
Lynn is looking for South Florida’s best and brightest educators to fill out inaugural Ed.D. class
The Ross College of Education is now recruiting for new “practitioner’s doctorate” program with Carnegie Foundation pedigree Nov. 05, 2008
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