Going Green

As Lynn University charges into the future, we stand strong in our commitment to create a more sustainable campus, community and planet. Our fragile natural surroundings in South Florida serve as a daily reminder of why our efforts to 'go green' are vital to the longevity and mission of the university.

Going Green logoAs part of a comprehensive sustainability plan voted on and approved in 2010, Lynn's Sustainability Committee is focused on improvement in five major areas

Community and education

Part of our sustainability challenge is to spread the message of conservation to the community and create a culture that encourages continuing education. Here are some ways we’re working to achieve this: 

  • Lynn's Green Lecture Series brings speakers and workshops to campus for faculty, students and staff to stay current on trends and tips related to sustainability. Lecture topics range from recycling to home/dorm energy conservation. 
  • Lynn students can earn credit in courses that focus on sustainability topics like environmental justice, global warming and alternative energy.

Energy and transportation

To reduce our carbon footprint, Lynn University is committed to making our campus as energy-efficient as possible. To do this, we’ve partnered with Siemens Building Technologies Division to upgrade our facilities and infrastructure in the largest single-phase university project of its kind in the state of Florida. This 20-year project, when completed, will reduce our campus-wide energy consumption by 50 percent.

And to conserve energy on the road, Lynn is proud to offer the following programs for those seeking alternative modes of transportation:

Landscape and ecology 

Our lush campus landscape is designed to utilize native plants and trees that thrive in our sunny South Florida climate. We avoid the use of evasive exotic species that can be a detrimental force on the environment. 


In South Florida, water is a precious resource. At Lynn we've installed piping systems that help us take advantage of reclaimed water from the City of Boca Raton, lessening our water-usage impact on the surrounding ecology. 

Materials and waste

To cut the amount of trash and waste produced on campus, Lynn places a heavy focus on recycling. Here are a few examples of how we’re achieving our goals: 

  • Recycling bins are highly visible throughout campus.
  • 2,500 used light bulbs have been recycled to date
  • 245 used mattresses have been returned for recycling
  • Printers across campus are set by default to print double-sided to reduce waste

Additional information

Since the Going Green initiative began, we've broken ground on the construction of a new International Business Center. This building is targeting LEED Platinum certification, the highest award for "green" structures. Visit the International Business Center page to learn more.