Marketing and Communication

Phone Numbers

561-237-7761 or 561-237-7967 (media inquiries)
561-237-7821 (advertising)


Schmidt College Center

Marketing Areas

  • Press Relations
  • Advertising
  • Web Development
  • Print and Multimedia Production
  • Graphic Design

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown

Marketing and Communications Director
Phone: 561-237-7784
Justin Hearn

Justin Hearn

Multimedia Producer
Phone: 561-237-7653

Eleonora Lambertini

Associate Director of Marketing Operations
Phone: 561-237-7761

Gina Malfatti Branigan

Creative Director
Phone: 561-237-7195
Liz McKey

Liz McKey

Editorial Director
Phone: 561-237-7876

Nicole Perron

Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: 561-237-7830
Kristen Peterson

Kristen Peterson

Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: 561-237-7957
Dian President

Dian President

University Operator
Phone: 561-237-7827
Sydney Putnam

Sydney Putnam

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 561-237-7967

Jamie Russell

Public Relations Manager
Phone: 561-237-7629

Debbie Stern

Internal Communication Specialist
Phone: 561-237-7922

Sherrie Weldon

Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: 561-237-7788

Matthew Williams

Web Multimedia Developer
Phone: 561-237-7762