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Name Phone Department
San Marco, Jessica 561-237-7470 Campus Safety
Sanchez de Fuentes, Luisa 561-237-9013 Conservatory of Music
Sands, Michael 561-237-7191 Student Financial Services
Satterwhite, Dan 561-237-7528 Conservatory of Music
Sayers, Rick 561-237-7090 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Scapusio, Samantha 561-237-7587 Student Financial Services
Schapiro, David 561-237-7862 College of Business and Management
Schmantowsky, Craig 561-237-7859 College of Business and Management
Schrader, Henry 561-237-7464 College of Business and Management
Schulz, Laurie 561-237-7153 Student Involvement
Schumann, Roxana 561-237-7849 Admission
Scott, Alfred 561-237-7374 Campus Safety
Seraphin, Chenelle A. 561-237-7117 Admission
Sharrer, Sara 561-237-7284 College of International Communication
Shelfo, Joyce 561-237-7911 Marketing and Communication
Sheppard, Sheila 561-237-7079 Admission
Sicard, Claudia 561-237-7070 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Siliquini, Brian 561-237-7401 Campus Safety
Simpson, Adam 561-237-7461 College of International Communication
Simpson, Carrie 561-237-7422 College of Arts and Sciences
Sis, Maggie 561-237-7469 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Smith, Eric Mechanical Services
Snider, James 561-237-7127 Information Systems
Sokul, Robert 561-237-7393 Campus Safety
Sommer, Brian 561-237-7444 College of Business and Management
Spagnoli, Traci 561-237-7807 Student Financial Services
Spells, James 561-237-7945 Accounts Payable
Sperry, Jonathan 561-237-7408 College of Arts and Sciences
Stanger, Aaron 561-237-7179 Network Services
Stellato, Jennifer 561-237-7828 Admission
Stern, Debbie 561-237-7922 Marketing and Communication
Stern, Ellen 561-237-7456 College of International Communication
Stone, Sophia 561-237-7437 College of Arts and Sciences
Studer, Joanne 561-237-7789 Office of the President
Sudugu, Soujanya 561-237-7167 Information Systems
Sundermeier, Louise 561-237-7289 Student Affairs
Swett, Tammy 561-237-7148 Office of the CIO