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Name Phone Department
Macko, Jan 561-237-7835 Admission
Malfatti Branigan, Gina 561-237-7195 Marketing and Communication
Malfitano, Gregory 561-237-7277 Administration
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Malinas, Ronnie 561-237-7972 Student Financial Services
Manasse, Jon 561-237-9001 Conservatory of Music
Marcus, Melissa 561-237-7326 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Marold, Emily 561-237-7108 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Martin, Antwanette 561-237-7605 Student Financial Services
Martin, Gary 561-237-7157 Dean of Students
Martin, Lara 561-237-7459 Institutional Research
Matic, Dawn 561-237-7230 Dean of Students
Matthews, Laura 561-237-7215 Dean of Students
Student Affairs
McArt, Jan 561-237-7338 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
McCloskey, Donna 561-237-7782 Office of the President Emeritus
McFarland, Jennifer 561-237-7533 College of Business and Management
McGriff, Debra 561-237-7187 Student Financial Services
McKey, Liz 561-237-7876 Marketing and Communication
McKim, Desiree 561-237-7750 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
McKinley, Thomas 561-237-9007 Conservatory of Music
McLane, Meghan 561-237-7942 Registrar
McPhee, Paul 561-237-7760 Admission
Migliano, Kristen 561-237-7602 College of Business and Management
Miklus, Sally 561-237-7200 College of Arts and Sciences
Milano Butterfield, Alyssa 561-237-7251 Admission
Milewski, Adam 561-237-7229 Athletics
Miller, Gina 561-237-7769 Administration
Miller, Gregory 561-237-9001 Conservatory of Music
Miller, James 561-237-7002 College of Business and Management
Miller, Kip 561-237-7419 College of International Communication
Miller, Lisa 561-237-7745 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Moes, Mike 561-237-7221 Mechanical Services
Monroy, Paul 561-237-7686 Card Office
Moore, Jillian 561-237-7223 Athletics
Morano, Jennifer 561-237-7896 Admission
Morgan, Jeff 561-237-7207 College of Arts and Sciences
Morice, E.K. 561-237-7332 School of Aeronautics
Morrill, Cally 561-237-7626 Athletics
Morrison, Jared 561-237-7154 Student Involvement
Moscara, Melissa 561-237-7089 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Mosley, Jenifer 561-237-7811 Registrar
Muriel, Charlotte 561-237-7955 Women's Center
Murphy, Harry 561-237-7340 College of International Communication