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Name Phone Department
Lanigan, Stacy 561-237-7263 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Lanteigne, Renee 561-237-7292 Employee Services
Lauderback, Raymond 561-237-7381 Campus Safety
Lawrence, Jessica 561-237-7783 Office of the President
Laznik, Deborah 561-237-7882 Finance
Leary, William 561-237-7089 College of Education
Lehman, Melissa 561-237-7454 College of Arts and Sciences
Leonard, Lisa 561-237-9014 Conservatory of Music
Lesko, Randi 561-237-7306 Registrar
Levenson, Jill 561-237-7925 College of Arts and Sciences
Levine, Laurie 561-237-7181 Finance
Levinsky, Mark 561-237-7411 Counseling Center
Levinson, Robert 561-237-7820 Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
Levy, William 561-237-7367 Campus Safety
Lewis, LaToya 561-237-7190 Student Financial Services
Lewis, Michael 561-237-7484 College of Arts and Sciences
Liberta, Dominic 561-237-7325 School of Aeronautics
Link, Hannah 561-237-7218 Residence Life
Loayza-Damergi, Renee 561-237-7977 Admission
Lobbe, Jon 561-237-7703 Athletics
Lockwood, Harry 561-237-7244 Athletics
Lopez, Jose 561-237-7126 College of Business and Management
Loureiro, Rita 561-237-7035 Bookstore
Lucas, Frank 561-237-7308 College of Arts and Sciences
Lucena, Evy 561-237-7810 Student Financial Services
Lucier, Cristina 561-237-7451 College of Arts and Sciences
Luo, Qiao 561-237-7021 Institutional Research
Luttio, Mark 561-237-7169 College of Arts and Sciences
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