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Name Phone Department
Caballero, Daniel 561-237-7175 Purchasing
Cadilhe, Roberto College of Arts and Sciences
Cambia, Barbara 561-237-7360 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Cano, Luis 561-237-7368 Campus Safety
Canonica, Stephanie 561-237-7265 Auxiliary Services
Capiro, Natalie 561-237-7287 Hannifan Center for Career Connections
Capote, Manuel 561-237-7156 Conservatory of Music
Carlin, Gary 561-237-7429 College of International Communication
Carrie-Hartman, Shirley 561-237-7711 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Carter-Tellison, Katrina 561-237-7412 College of Arts and Sciences
Casas, Isabel 561-237-7851 Information Systems
Casey, Karen 561-237-7854 College of Arts and Sciences
Ceccoli, Daniel 561-237-7428 College of Arts and Sciences
Chaloux, Matthew 561-237-7699 Auxiliary Services
Chambers, John 561-237-7973 Student Financial Services
Charles, Guitto 561-237-7397 Campus Safety
Cheek-Milby, Kathleen 561-237-7075 Academic Affairs
Chelot, Wisrick 561-237-7398 Campus Safety
Cherkaoui, Tsukasa 561-237-7214 Library
Chussler, Jordan 561-237-7147 Library
Claiborne, Matthew 561-237-7327 School of Aeronautics
Clancy, Michael 561-237-7971 IT Support Services
Clark, Stephanie 561-237-7081 Center for Learning Abroad
Clunan, Kathleen 561-237-7062 Archives Department
Clyburn, Michael 561-237-7479 Auxiliary Services
Cobb, Timothy 561-237-9001 Conservatory of Music
Coco, Joshua 561-237-7234 Residence Life
Coco, Marlena 561-237-7809 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Coffy, Becky 561-237-7064 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Cohen, Loren 561-237-7394 Campus Safety
Coiro, Olivia 561-237-7279 Athletics
Cole, Carol 561-237-9001 Conservatory of Music
Cole, David 561-237-7695 Conservatory of Music
Colon, Jeannette 561-237-7369 Campus Safety
Comiskey, Marlynda 561-237-7030 Auxiliary Services
Coné, Mark 561-237-7510 College of International Communication
Cooper, Macey 561-237-7113 Institute for Achievement & Learning
Cooper, Patrick 561-237-7407 College of Arts and Sciences
Cox, Gregg 561-237-7210 Academic Affairs
College of Arts and Sciences
Crawford, Ann 561-237-7027 College of Arts and Sciences
Crichfield, Morgan 561-237-7776 Mechanical Services
Curtis, Theodore 561-237-7857 College of Business and Management