Valeria Fabj

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Program Coordinator, M.S. in Communication and Media
Evening Program Coordinator, B.A. in Communication and Media
Professor, Communication and Emerging Media
Valeria Fabj


Phone: 561-237-7794
Fax: 561-237-7097

Office Location

Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library

Professional Profile

Valeria Fabj is currently the editor of "Women's Studies in Communication." Her research focuses on the public sphere as a forum in which traditionally marginalized groups can gain a voice and affect public praxis. Her belief is that citizens can be empowered and reclaim some of the decision-making power that is often abdicated to experts. Fabj focuses on two primary areas: how marginalized groups, and especially women, can draw on the personal sphere to bring about significant changes in the public sphere (both in this country and abroad), and how issues can be argued in different spheres as in the case of medical activists who politicize issues traditionally relegated to the technical sphere.


  • B.S., Northwestern University
  • M.A., Northwestern University
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University

Teaching Philosophy

Valeria Fabj believes in creating a community of scholars, encouraging students to actively participate in class and to learn from one another as well as from her. She wants her students to acquire a love for learning and for thinking critically. These are skills they will use throughout their lives, regardless of what program of study they might choose or what profession they will enter.

Teaching Specialties

  • Communication theory
  • Rhetorical theory and criticism
  • Persuasion
  • Gender communication
  • Communication and social change
  • Interpersonal communication

Areas of Scholarship and Professional Practice

Marginalized groups in the personal, public and technical spheres

Curriculum Vitae

FabjValeria_CV.pdf — PDF document, 63Kb
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