Thomas Ferstle

B.S., M.Hum., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Thomas Ferstle


Phone: 561-237-7481

Office Location

Freiburger Residence Hall
North Wing

Professional Profile

Tom Ferstle spent twenty years selling industrial battery systems and uninterruptible power supply systems in the international marketplace before returning to school at the University of Texas at Dallas where he earned a doctorate in the Humanities. 


  • B.S., Economics and Finance-University of Texas at Dallas
  • M.Hum., University of Dallas
  • Ph.D., Humanities-University of Texas at Dallas

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Ferstle believes that education should make oneself aware of one’s own interests, talents, desires, and ambitions.  Education can do this provided one has the capability for self-examination and a willingness to accept help from others.  As a teacher, Professor Ferstle believes it is his first obligation to assist his students in becoming aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, their interests and ambitions as revealed in their questions and answers, their work and behavior, as limited from his viewpoint and own experience.  The real work of education is a task that students must shoulder in negotiating the differences between what is expected of them by their classmates, their teachers, their communities, and their own changing sense of their abilities.

Secondly, Professor Ferstle believes that education has a responsibility to the community in providing knowledge that is useful and productive in its outcomes to the health and life of the community.  Each student must assume their own particular responsibility for achieving that goal by providing their talents and enthusiasms to learning in ways that encourage the growth and sustenance of community life.

Teaching Specialties

  • Dialogues of Justice and Civic Life Level I
  • Dialogues of Belief and Reason Level II
  • Dialogues of Belief and Reason Level III
  • Humanities-Contemporary Ethics

Areas of Scholarship and Professional Practice

  • Historiography of ideas (20th century American)
  • History of rhetoric (19th-20th century American)
  • History of the book (genre study)
  • Social network analysis 

Curriculum Vitae

FerstleThomas_CV.pdf — PDF document, 73Kb
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