Sanne Unger

M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Belief and Reason, and Self and Society
Sanne Unger


Phone: 561-237-7490

Office Location

Trinity Residence Center


  • M.A., University of Groningen
  • Ph.D., Utrecht University

Teaching Philosophy

Sanne Unger's main focus is on embedding new information in her students’ existing knowledge. That is why references to current issues and pop culture feature heavily in her classroom presentations. Additionally, for students to truly understand abstract texts and historical events, they need to be able to understand the contexts that gave rise to these texts and events. This leads to an interdisciplinary approach where students are challenged to connect works of philosophy with historical and current figures, artworks, and social and scientific developments. During the semester Unger's students complete a variety of practical and theoretical assignments (in-class research, quizzes, quick writing assignments, discussions, and larger analytical projects), accommodating their entire range of skills and strengths. Eventually, her students will not simply “know” the information that the course set out to teach them; they will also be able to generate new knowledge on their own.

Curriculum Vitae

UngerSanne_CV.pdf — PDF document, 96Kb
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