Jeanette Francis

B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Computer Management Systems
Jeanette Francis


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Office Location

International Business Center
Room 346

Professional Profile

Jeanette D. Francis is an associate professor with more than 18 years of experience teaching at the university level. She publishes in the areas of electronic commerce, management information systems and international business. She has published more than 15 scholarly articles and innumerable proceedings.


  • B.A., Southern California College
  • M.B.A., United States International University
  • Ph.D., United States International University

Teaching Philosophy

The first duty of the teacher is to generate a love for the subject on the part of the student. While Jeanette Francis as a teacher must thoroughly cover the core area of instruction, she feels that she must encourage her students to develop greater depths of understanding and be passionate about the topics at hand. In her online classes she stimulates her students to bring up real life and current situations to illustrate important points. A teacher must emphasize application, creative thinking and development of ideas, and not weigh the course down with transmission of information, as nowadays information is freely available. A teacher must also emphasize the skills of learning on their own, as change is rapid in the information age and students must learn to learn. Finally, Francis believes that a teacher must create an environment of mutual trust and confidence in the class so that students know that they can be wrong in classroom interaction, and that this is a necessary step in learning.

Teaching Specialties

  • Management information systems
  • Electronic commerce technologies
  • Web site design, HTML
  • Decision support systems and expert systems
  • Managerial electronic commerce
  • Computer systems and microcomputer applications in business
  • Management principles
  • Technology and innovation

Areas of Scholarship and Professional Practice

  • Electronic commerce
  • Management information systems
  • International business

Curriculum Vitae

FrancisJeanette_CV.pdf — PDF document, 29Kb
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