Meet Your Professors

They’re Fulbright Scholars and Grammy nominees. They’re also incredibly nice, personable people who will take a sincere interest in you. And because we keep classes small, usually no more than 15 students, you’ll have the chance to really get to know them – and they you. There are no “auditorium-style” classes at Lynn.

Erika Grodzki - advertising
Advertising professor Erika Grodzki has to be able to predict what the media landscape will look like in 4 years.
Robert Watson - American studies
Wonder what it's like to sit in on a call with a White House cabinet member? Just take a class from American Studies program coordinator Robert Watson.
Ted Curtis - sports management
The Super Bowl's an actual class? It is for sports management professor Ted Curtis.
Harry Murphy - drama
As a professor of acting, directing and theater history, it’s surprising to learn that Harry Murphy is the shy type who doesn’t like big crowds or parties. When he’s on stage, it’s a different story.
James Kassar - mathematics
You hear it all the time: “I took calculus in college but I never use it in real life.” Assistant professor James Kassar is on a pursuit to put this misconception to rest with his mathematics courses at Lynn University.
Jill Levenson - human services
Students in Jill Levenson’s hands-on psychology and human services courses are prepared at the highest level for this rapidly expanding industry.
John Bennardo - video production
John Bennardo traded his reporter’s notebook for a video camera when he was in college and never looked back. Now at Lynn University, John plays ‘director’ in the classroom.
Sindee Kerker - criminal justice
From courthouses in Europe to the steps of our nation’s Capitol, courses with Sindee Kerker show students real slices of reality in the United States criminal justice system.
Thomas McKinley - music theory
A solid understanding of classical music theories allows musicians to be true masters of their art. Tom McKinley facilitates that understanding as a professor in the conservatory of music at Lynn University.
Stephen Aiello - Dialogues
If a teacher loves his or her subject matter, it will inspire their students to learn. That’s Stephen Aiello’s style when he teaches in the College of Liberal Education at Lynn University.
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