Learning Style

Everyone learns differently, but most great learners have a few important things in common. Curiosity. Excitement. The confidence to go beyond their comfort zones. At Lynn, we make sure you’re always tapping into all of the above.

A professor sits with two students during a classroom discussion.

On the fast track?

If you’re a highly motivated student, then we have great options for you. Lynn has two accelerated degree programs that can put you on the fast track. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also get a head start on your career.

Meet Your Professors

They’re Fulbright Scholars and Grammy nominees. They’re also incredibly nice, personable people who will take a sincere interest in you. And because we keep classes small, usually no more than 15 students, you’ll have the chance to really get to know them – and they you. There are no “auditorium-style” classes at Lynn.

Blending Liberal Arts With Career Prep

A Lynn education is a balance between rigorous academic inquiry (that would be The Dialogues of Learning, our cutting-edge core curriculum) and real-world experiences (internships, special programs and study abroad). There’s also a strong focus on what it means to be a good citizen. Ask us about The Citizenship Project!

January Term

Ready to let your mind wander? During J-Term you’ll pursue your personal interests and professional goals through service, study abroad and experiential learning.

Support When You Need It

At Lynn, you’ll never lack for help (of any kind). The Institute for Achievement and Learning can help with tutoring, mentoring, skills assessment and more.

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